Struggle Love – What You Put Up With, You End Up With

Struggle love? Set your standards and never lower them, because what you put up with, you end up with. 

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Struggle Love & Struggle Relationships

Set your standards and never lower them, because what you put up with, you end up with. You can only expect what you ACCEPT from someone.

My father told me, “you get out of life exactly what you are willing to tolerate.”
To tolerate means to allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of something that you do not necessarily like or agree with…without interference.

In other words…what you put up with, you end up with.

Have you ever been told that you are too demanding or have too high standards? Don’t take it personally. In fact, it is healthy to set your own standards and live by them.

People usually talk about high standards when it comes to love and relationships. You’ve been single for a long time and you’re starting to lose hope that you will ever meet the person you dream of. People around you tell you that you’re too demanding and want something you’re never going to have and advise you to lower your standards just to increase your chances of meeting someone. And so many people say this, so therefore you start to think maybe they’re right.

Worst Advice

Firstly, that’s some of the worst advice you can ever get.

If you’re in a similar situation, stop thinking about how high your standards are and let’s take a look at several reasons why you should never ever lower them again!

Here’s the reality 
  • If you tolerate physical or verbal abuse, then you will suffer at the hands of it.
  • If you tolerate cheating of any kind, there’s no reason for your partner to stop.
  • If you tolerate degrading language, you will get used to it and come to expect vulgar words in your presence.
  • If you tolerate lies, deceit and manipulation… you endorse the behavior and give it the green light to continue. 

The reality is, if you tolerate any or all of these things, you will live a compromised life, you will have cheated yourself and as a result…you will have wasted the one, and ONLY one life you have been given.

By lowering your standards, above all, you lower your vibration as well. And as you may well know, like attracts like. If you lower your standards, you begin to draw things into your life that are at the level of this standard, and you have no choice but to settle for something that vibrates at a much lower level than yours. As a result you’ll become unhappy and end up in a struggle relationship with struggle love.

Not only should you never lower your standards, but you shouldn’t settle for less or something you’re not happy with. 

Keep your standards as high as they are right at this moment and believe you can! Have a strong and unwavering faith so that lowering your standards and settling for less never crosses your mind again.

You have the power

It’s easy to blame the other person when you end up in a crappy relationship, but the truth is that you have way more control than you probably even think about what or who you end up with. It all begins with what you’re willing to accept, and that journey starts when you’re single and looking for someone to share your life with. A relationship should not be a struggle. You should never struggle when it comes to love.


Personal standards determine the expectations we set. They likewise determine the quality of our results and the overall quality of our lives.

Even with high aspirations and big goals, living with a low set of standards will prevent us from ever reaching them. So with that in mind, something must change.

We effectively must change. Or to put it another way, YOU must make an effort to change!

There comes a point in everyone’s life when enough is enough.

You reach a point where the pain of putting up with your current life and existence becomes unbearable and pushes you over the edge. You just can’t bear living another day with sub-standard results, or people that simply don’t meet your requirements.

In conclusion, set your standards, never lower your standards, because what you put up with, you end up with. Say goodbye to Struggle relationships and struggle love. 

To clarify, YOU have the power.