How To Stop Getting Played By Men

If you’re sick of getting cheated on and played by men, then watch this video and learn the games men play.

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In this video I discuss how to avoid getting played without wasting your time and a lot more. 

You’re here because you’re tired of investing time and energy in the wrong men, only to end up frustrated, hurt, and empty-handed again and again. 
After everything you’ve been through, you’re not sure how to date without getting played or wasting valuable time. How do you put yourself “out there” and open up to love, but also protect your heart and the peace you’ve worked so hard to cultivate in your life?

He doesn’t value himself

In a previous video I discussed that many men cheat and play with women’s hearts because they themselves have no value for themselves.
Avoid guys with obviously low self-esteem.
​If he doesn’t love and value himself, he probably can’t love and value you either.
Find someone with high self-esteem. This is so important.

What are his values

Take a close look at the life he has created. Does he have healthy long-lasting relationships with friends and family? Does he have his finances and responsibilities in order? Make sure his life is running smoothly before you invite him into yours. Is there evidence of the things he claims to want and be about? Don’t just take his word for it, make sure he’s not just telling you what he thinks you want to hear. Pay attention to what he does, not what he says.
His actions show that he cares about you, more so than his words. Does he make time for you and stay connected when he’s not with you? Does he make promises and then follow through?

Think about the behaviors that hurt you in past relationships, and write them down. Was your ex passive-aggressive, negative, critical, non-communicative, or cold? Don’t end up back with the same type of men that hurt you or played you int he past.

Don’t waste your time.

Make sure he’s genuinely interested in you for you and wants something serious with you. Don’t waste your time with a man that just wants to heave sex with you.
If a man’s into you, he’ll make you a priority. He’ll ask to spend time with you consistently, and he’ll tell you what he likes about you.

You won’t have to wonder how he feels or wait anxiously for his call.
Bottom line; if he’s into you, you’ll know it. And if he’s not, go find someone who is.

But how do I know he’s serious about me?

This is one of the biggest issues women face when dating. You’re afraid of being used, cheated on and played. You’re not mind readers, therefore how can you know what his true intentions are? How do you know if he’s just putting on an act and playing a role just to get in-between your legs?
Watch this video and you’ll learn how to tell and what to do.