Are You Sick & Tired Of Getting Your Heart Broken?

If you’re sick and tired of getting your heart broken, then you need to watch this video. Protect your heart with these simple steps.

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The truth is it’s almost impossible to protect yourself from heartbreak completely, but there are things you can do.

Sometimes it feels like we spend our life searching, hoping, waiting and wishing for a love that hasn’t quite showed up yet.
On this journey to find love we have many experiences and learn many valuable lessons. Some of us have had our heart broken so many times we can’t even count anymore. It can feel like tears and rejection has become a regular part of our lives.

But I’m sure you’re sick and tired of all that now. Sick and tired of all the pain and heartache. Sick and tired of being let down and disappointed.

You’ve been through so much pain and heartache and experienced some of the worst men you can think of. But all is not lost. Believe it or not you’ve actually learned a lot yourself from all of these negative experiences. It’s simply about transferring your knowledge into actions. 

Time to protect yourself

Don’t let my walls down just because of sweet words. affectionate words. Don’t just accept compliments at face value. Remember that actions speak louder than words. Proof and evidence is the most important thing.

A promise is a comfort to a fool

Promises that never come to pass. Futures that don’t exist. From now on, the only way your heart should open up, is when a man truly follows through on his words. It’s easy to talk about plans, but bringing them to life is when the magic starts to happen. Remember actions speak louder than words. 

Don’t take the risk with dating the wrong type of guy. It’s not worth the gamble. Don’t think to yourself “oh it’ll be okay, I can change him”. Watch this video on the types of men to avoid and also get familiar with NAGs. Nothing Ass Guys. You have to avoid those types of guys completely now.

Don’t give yourself away too freely or too soon. You have to be cautious and protect yourself. That doesn’t mean that you have to be afraid of men and never embark on any new relationships. It’s about paying attention to all the signs and learning from your past experiences. Your love, your heart and your time needs to be earned. Out a value on not only your heart, but your time and life. Thin to yourself has this man earned a position in my life, hell has he even earned my precious time. Demand to be treated as you deserve.

Put yourself first

It’s hard to admit but sometimes we lose sight of ourselves because of love. We become so focused on that other person.

So focused on their needs and forgot all about our own. Then before we know it, we’re repeating that same mistake all over again.
That old cliche is so real….. In order to receive love you first have to give yourself love. In order to receive respect you have to respect yourself first. You have to give that same love that you’re after to yourself.

Loving somebody should never exclude self-love, it should empower it.

All of those heartbreaks has taught you so much about men and also about yourself. The fact that you’ve survived from all of this pain shows just how amazingly strong you are.