A lot of things have changed recently in regards to how I deliver my message.

There has always been a level of censorship when it come to my message due to using non Black owned platforms. I’m no stranger to losing a YouTube channel or two, due to my message. But over the last 3 years I have tried my best to stay 2 steps ahead. Only putting certain content on YouTube & other social media platforms, while utilising this website for my videos that I know would get my channel terminated…. Because when it’s all said & done we simply know, they can’t handle the truth.

So I would live stream my very unfiltered views on YouTube, then take the stream down & upload it to my website. But even that was a risk, because people can report you while you’re broadcasting live. One minute you’re in the middle of rambling on, & the next, you realise you’ve been logged out of your account, because some troll has flagged you for saying the truth.

The problem with uploading videos on to your own website is that it uses a lot of server bandwidth & storage space, which means glitches & errors when people try to view them. So you need either your own dedicated server or to rent a private server from someone else…. That costs a lot of money. You could put the videos on another video hosting platform, but that still has the risk of being terminated.

So long story short all of this costs money. I paid a lot of money to be able to privately host videos on my live-stream page, where I upload past live streams.

Recently YouTube terminated all three of my YouTube accounts. I’ve tried creating new accounts, but they also get terminated within 24 hours.

So I’ve had to make some decisions as to my future when it comes to delivering my message & educating the people. It’s either keep playing this cat & mouse game with platforms like YouTube, find another video platform…… or create my own. I already have a website, that I already pay a lot of money for. So I decided to use my own platform to do everything I need, upload all of my videos here, INCLUDING live-stream right here. This is going to cost a lot of money to do & to continue to do.

The running of this website is essentially going to rely on the generosity & kindness of the IKYG family & anyone that wants to keep the message going.

If you’d like to support this website with a donation, no matter how small, then please do, it will be greatly appreciated. Donations towards this site will enable us to continue to deliver hard hitting content, free from trolls, free from the risk of termination & also provide us with password only safe spaces on the website for live streams. We’ll also be able to continue advertising Black owned businesses for free.

I’m looking at these setbacks from YouTube as a blessing in disguise. I’ll build my own platform right here. I want to keep as much of the content on this website free for those that can’t afford to donate. I can’t do this alone, so I humbly ask you to give what you can when you can.

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