Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s YouTube Channel Terminated

YouTube Terminated Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s channel & Permanently Banned him…. Now What?

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“Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s YouTube channel was terminated”.

Yes that’s right youtube permanently banned me from their platform without reason. This is not the first time something like this has happened, but it will be the last time. So if you’ve been searching for “Angel Ramirez-Jordan” on YouTube or maybe even “Everybody Hates Angel” You’ve probably noticed that I am no longer on YouTube. 

There has always been a level of censorship when it come to my message. Especially when using non Black owned platforms. I’m no stranger to losing a YouTube channel or two, due to my message. But over the last 3 years I have tried my best to stay 2 steps ahead. Only putting certain content on YouTube & other social media platforms, while utilising this website for my videos that I know would get my channel terminated. When it’s all said & done we know, they can’t handle the truth.

Watch this entire video and you’ll know where to find me from now on and what my next steps are. The IKYG movement is not over, not by a long shot, in fact this is the dawn of a new era. I will no longer allow YouTube to silence me, and I will not sit back and take it any more. Join me on this journey.