Is It Time To Walk Away From Your Relationship?

Are you having repetitive problems in your relationship? Do they they keep hurting you & causing you pain? Maybe it’s time to walk away.

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Is it time to walk away? 

No one wants to be in a dead relationship. But how do you know when it’s truly dead or just needs to be revived? Or is it time to walk away?

Just as each individual in the relationship has a personality, so does the relationship. It has a life and it grows and matures with time.

And like anything with a life, a relationship can die. While you might be picturing a breakup, that’s not what I’m referring to. I’m talking about a dead relationship: one that still exists, in that the two people are still in it, yet it has no future and no life left in it. A dead end relationship.

Sometimes our relationship just falls into a rut, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between a rut and a dead relationship.

If it’s over, then why haven’t you walked away?

Clinging on?

This is why you’re clinging to a relationship that’s dead in the water.

Just because we know our relationships are failing does not mean we always have the power to extract ourselves from them. Some of us cling to dying relationships for months and years beyond their expiration date, and we do this for a number of reasons that keep us stuck and unhappy.

It’s about fear. You’re afraid that you might not find someone else and that you’ll be lonely forever. It’s that fear that stops you from walking away. This fear is actually hindering your own personal growth. 
This fear can include a fear of being alone, fear of doing the wrong thing, fear of hurting others, fear of hurting yourself financially, and even fear of change in general. If you’re in an especially toxic relationship (or even one with children involved) you can also find yourself dealing with fear of retribution: both intended and unintended.

Sometimes we just think it’s too much hard work to walk away and find someone else. We’ve invested so much time and energy in this relationship, can we really just end it here? Do we really want to go through all of that hard work all over again? What if that new relationship doesn’t work out either. 
So with thoughts like this, many times we just cling on to dead end relationships, because we think it’s better to stay in something we know rather than embark on the unknown.

It’s time to let go

Letting go of a dead relationship is never an easy or an enjoyable process. No matter how peaceful our resolutions might be, the ending of a relationship is ultimately a death in our lives and one which must be processed carefully. Holding on to a dead partnership isn’t noble. It’s toxic to who we are, and it prevents us from getting where we need to be. If you’re in a relationship that brings you nothing but misery, it might be time to dig deep and let go. It’s time to walk away.