I Am Disgusted With The Treatment Of Black Women

The way Black women are treated on social media and also in real life is absolutely disgusting, and something needs to be done about it.

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There are many videos online attacking and bashing Black women.
It seems Black women have become an easy target for attack on social media. What’s even sadder is the majority of these hate videos come from Black men.

“Not all Black men”

Yes I know it’s not all Black men, but it’s too many. I have this phrase that I use “I know it’s not all, but it’s too many and not enough”. Because too many Black men are online bashing Black women, and not enough Black men are standing up and defending them.

Black women and Black men.

The media constantly promotes negative videos and narratives when it comes to Black love. Large companies like YouTube constantly push the most negative videos whilst suppressing positive videos. Anyone looking for videos of how Black men feel about Black women would automatically feel that Black men hate Black women. I know that this isn’t true, but when so many videos pop up saying the opposite, it becomes very difficult to say “not all Black men hate you”, or “not all Black men feel that way”. People go with evidence. 

The reality is, there are many Black men that love and support Black women.

“Where are all these Black men?”

That’s the thing, although many Black men love Black women, the negative and hateful men speak the loudest. They always feel the need to express their hatred. It makes them feel better about their lonely, pointless existence.
They then amass a following of other losers. You’ve heard the phrase “misery loves company” right?
Well, that’s what it is. 
These “men” (I use that word loosely) don’t want to look at themselves or their behavior. They lack the basic skills for introspection. So it’s easier for them to blame everything on Black women. They tell Black women to stop complaining about Black men and that “they should have made better choices and decisions” 

“Choose better”

But the irony is they don’t take their own advice. They don’t look at their experiences with Black women and say “hmmm, maybe I should have chose better”. One rule for one and a completely different rule for another. It’s a very narcissistic trait. To blame others and never take any accountability. 

So now you have a large following of Black men that hate Black women and think they are right and justified in their thoughts and feelings because other Black men are tapping on the back saying “you’re right my brother, it’s all their fault”.

Many of these men and their videos would have disappeared into the abyss, if we didn’t share or repost their videos. I understand that sometimes we may feel that we are highlighting the disgusting behavior and exposing these men. However, many times we’re actually giving them free promotion and introducing them to impressionable young minds.

“So what can we do?”

Silence and suppress them. Ignore them. Do NOT share their videos, do not make reaction videos. Give them no promotion whatsoever. As Black men that love our sisters, our job is to promote positivity and love towards our sisters. There needs to be more positive videos. We must take a more proactive stance rather than a reactionary position. 

If you see a negative video that essentially would feed into the narrative that Black men hate Black women, then counteract it with a video expressing your love for Black women and debunk this false narrative. It will take a lot of work, as negativity always speaks louder than positivity. 
In the words of Mark Twain, “A lie will be half way round the world, before the truth has even got its shoes on”.

Boycott Black Women Hate Videos

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