Angel Ramirez-Jordan Vs Minister Jap & The Angryman

Angel Ramirez-Jordan has a discussion with 2 Black men that are known to be very critical of Black women. The Angryman & Minister Jap.

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Can Angel Ramirez-Jordan have a discussion with The Angryman and Minister Jap (2 men that are known to be critical of Black women) without having an argument, without screaming and shouting each other?
Is it possible to have different views and still be respectful?

When Most people think of “Angel Ramirez-Jordan” or IKYG (I Know Your Game) they think of Black power, consciousness, education and most importantly of all uplifting Black women in a society that seems hellbent on tearing Black women down. 

So why on Earth would Angel Ramirez-Jordan entertain the idea of a conversation with 2 men like Minister Jap or The Angryman? Especially if it appears that our views are very different?


I believe in understanding where people are coming from. I also believe in trying to understand people’s reasons for their beliefs or tactics, especially when it comes to the Black community. 

What if through an open dialogue with myself these two men could change their views or even the way they address and deal with Black women? Isn’t that worth a try? Ultimately isn’t it all about unity within the Black community? These 2 men told me that they wanted to see good things for Black women. That took me by surprise. So I thought maybe they have good intentions, but maybe it’s their execution that’s the problem.

When this livestream first happened I lost a lot of supporters. They were angry at me for giving these men a platform. 
“Angel Ramirez-Jordan is a sell-out”
“I can’t believe Angel Ramirez-Jordan supports Black men that bash Black women”.
I have never in my life supported any men that bash Black women. So I urge you to watch this short teaser of my discussion with The Angryman and Minister Jap. Then decide for yourself if I support Black men that bash Black women, or if this was a constructive dialogue. 

Did I get through to any of them? Did I make them think? Or was it a waste of my time?