Mixed & Biracial – Black Or White? “You Are Whatever Your Father Is”

I always hear people say ” There’s no such thing as mixed. The man carries the seed” so I decided to make a video about this and break it down.

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There was a poll I saw once that said 25% of Americans considers mixed people to be Black, whilst 74% of Americans consider them to be biracial. With 1% consider them to be white.

So although a large percentage of people on this particular poll believe that mixed people are neither one race or the other, there are still some people that believe they can only be one race.

I remember having a conversation with a hebrew israelite once and he said to me, “Angel you’re Black because you’re father is Black”. Thanks for that piece of information lol. 
My mother happens to be mixed. She’s 100% Puerto Rican (her nationality). Puerto Rican is not a race. Both her parents are Puerto Rican. But her Dad is a Black Puerto Rican (yes they exist) and her mother is a mestiza Puerto Rican (part indigenous and part european). So she’s half Black. So according to the Israelite doctrine and many other religious people’s views, my Mother is a Black woman, because her father is Black.


So this got me thinking. What if my mother’s parents were the other way round. Would this then only make her part indigenous and part european?
What about people like Bob Marley that have a white father, are they all of a sudden white because of their dad? So Barack Obama is Black but Bob Marley is white? What science is this? What’s the logic? I mean they’re both biracial. Is Barack Obama’s Black blood stronger than Bob Marley’s because his father is Black and Bob’s is white? They’re both have the same mix. 

The One Drop Rule

If you think this belief is centred in the one drop rule then I’d like you to watch this video. Some people use the term the one drop rule when referring to mixed or biracial people. However the term was not actually created for mixed or biracial people at all. So check out my one drop rule video.

Science Versus Religion

So what does science say about mixed people?
What does religion say? Does it really say in the bible you are whatever race your father is? I decided to look into this and break it all down. So check out this video and find out if you truly are whatever your father is.