Meet The Black Man With Two White Parents

Anthony Ekundayo Lennon accused of pretending to be a Black man – Fraud or atavism?

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Anthony Ekundayo Lennon is accused of cheating his way to the top at the expense of Black people. Many people have accused Anthony of being the same as Rachel Dolezal.

He was accused by the media of being a white man pretending to be a Black man in order to get funding.

Newspapers claimed that Anthony Ekundayo Lennon had chosen to identify as Black because he had “curly hair” and had struggled to find roles as a white actor. 

What if Anthony Lennon was a Black man with white parents? 

Many people will not consider this and the fist thing they will say is that surely Anthony’s mother must have cheated on his father. Is someone keeping a family secret? We are all aware of Black parents giving birth to white children, but the other way round? Is that even possible? Could Anthony genuinely be a product of something known as “atavism”?
Anthony Ekundayo Lennon is not the first person that could be a product of this phenomenon. 
Some of you may be aware of Sandra Laing, the Black woman born to white parents.

So is it possible that Anthony Ekundayo Lennon truly is a Black Man with white parents? Well, watch this video to find out. All of the evidence is in this video. 

When I heard the name “Ekundayo”, I myself thought hold on, that sounds very African. I was correct in thinking it sounded African. It’s a Nigerian name meaning “Sorrow Becomes Joy”. 
Anthony decided to change his name legally from Anthony David Lennon to Taharka Anthony Ekundayo Lennon. Watch this video to find out why.

In this video I lay out all the evidence so you can decide for yourself. Is Anthony A Black man born to white parents (atavism) or just a white man pretending to be Black? 

Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts.