The One Drop Rule – Can Shaun King Claim To Be Black When He’s Only A Quarter Black?

What is the history of the one drop rule? Can Shaun King claim to be Black when he’s 3 quarters white?

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Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King is at the center of a controversy that has nothing to do with a police shooting or brutality. Instead, it’s about his personal life and racial identity.

Media outlets have published multiple pieces disputing different claims Shaun King has made about his life over the years. The latest accusations have called into question whether Shaun King is Black. Or if he’s even biracial. This forced the activist to disclose personal details about his life in hopes of disproving the accusations.

Black Lives Matter

Shaun King has been a prominent face of the Black Lives Matter movement since the police shooting of Mike Brown. 

It has been stated that Shaun King is not Black or biracial. Reports have cited a birth certificate obtained from the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics. This certificate states Shaun King is white. It also lists King’s father as Jeffery Wayne King, who is white.

After the accusations went viral, CNN’s Don Lemon reported that a “family member” told CNN that Shaun King’s parents are both white.

At first, Shaun King fired back at the accusations on Twitter, saying that he is biracial and has a complicated family history. He also claimed that he didn’t lie about his race to obtain an Oprah Scholarship to attend Morehouse College, a historically black school.

However, Shaun King later wrote in a Facebook post that his father is not a Black man but in fact a biracial man. Which would in fact make Shaun King a quarter Black and not half Black as he has stated many times before. 

So this brings into question the one drop rule which was created by white supremacists to label the offspring of biracial slaves and their white slave masters as Black. 

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