Why Do Dark Skinned Black Men Hate Dark Skinned Women & Light Skinned Men?

Ever noticed that the same men that hate dark skinned Black women, normally also have a problem with light skinned Black men & mixed men?

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This video was originally made in 2016. Sadly I wasn’t very good at that time at covering every topic or subject I needed to address all in one video. I also didn’t know that you HAVE to elaborate.

So I’ve edited this video slightly with a few annotations. I added a few things that I felt needed to be elaborated on. But I also want to elaborated a little further here too.

Dark skinned Black men are not my enemy. Dark skinned Black men are not dark skinned Black women’s enemy either. Sadly however though, there are a lot of men that happen to be dark skinned that have a big issue with dark skinned Black women and also seem to have a big problem with light skinned Black men or even mixed race men. 

But not all.

Of course this is not all dark skinned Black men. But I am not going to minimise the severity of the hatred that has been spawned within our community by saying “not all”. So I will say what I normally say, and that is, “it’s too many and not enough”. What do I mean by that? Well, there are too many dark skinned Black men on social media airing their anti Black women views and not enough brothers standing up and defending Black women. There are too many dark skinned men in our community actively perpetuating colorism. Why do I say too many? Because the truth is, even one man attacking dark skinned Black women based on their complexion, is too many. 


At the time when I made this video I hadn’t truly understood the definition of colorism in it’s most rawest form. I believe many people are in the same place at the moment as I was back then, in regards to the true definition of colorism. 
At the time I thought colorism was applicable to anyone that received hatred for the color of their skin from people within their same racial group.
However, after making this video, I started to do a lot more research into colorism. Within my research I decided to look at the dictionary’s definition of colorism.

prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.

So based on that definition I realized that as a light skinned man I cannot be a victim of colorism. Of course I can be a victim of being hated on based on my complexion, features and a plethora of other things. But this is not colorism. Is there a word for when a light skinned person experiences hatred or abuse based on their phenotype? Probably, or maybe not, but I don’t want to be the person that coins the term. We have enough terms to label and describe our condition as Black people. All of which to me are simply symptoms of a bigger root cause. White supremacy and anti Blackness. 

Are light skinned men dark skinned Black women’s allies?

Sadly I don’t think I can say the answer is yes. Although dark skinned women and light skinned men happen to receive hate from the same type of men. There are of course instances when light skinned men will themselves attack dark skinned women and perpetuate colorism. The sickness that is colorism is ever present in all facets of our lives.

I can never compare any of the things that I have gone through with anything that dark skinned Black women have gone through or their experiences, and I wouldn’t want to do that. 
I would never want to derail the important topic of colorism and how it affects Black women by implying that light skinned Black men know exactly what Black women are going through. We don’t. There may be similarities, but it’s not the same.

This video was expressing my experience as a light skinned Black man trying to navigate through the Black community and my treatment from men that had issues with me based on my complexion. It just so happened to be that the men that had issues with my skin tone, were dark skinned Black men. 

Soon I will upload another video breaking down the psychological affects of colorism, the true definition and how colorism pertains to dark skinned Black men. But in the mean time please check out my colorism video playlist.