“But All Women Are Beautiful”

Have you ever noticed whenever someone praises Black women, all of a sudden white & asian women come out of the woodworks screaming “But all women are beautiful!”

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I’ve been on social media since 2011. 
So that’s 10 plus years of witnessing all types of behavior, attitudes, online trends and reactions.

The craziest thing I ever encountered was on Facebook. I made a video talking about how much I love Black women, and why I love them. To my total surprise all of these white women came out of the woodworks leaving comments saying “but all women are beautiful”. I was quite confused. As far as I was concerned white women were not interested me. I mean I’ve had the few white women approach me in the past, but not enough for me to assume that white women would be upset that I wasn’t attracted to them. 

The White Woman’s Type Of Black Men

I’ve never been under any delusion, I can see through the media and also through observation, that white women prefer a certain type of Black man. That type is not light skinned with light eyes or mixed race looking. It’s normally dark skinned and undeniably Black or African in features. I would assume that to most white women I don’t represent what they view as a Black man. Well, not in the fetish or sexual aspect anyway. 

So why were all of these white women upset about my video expressing my love for Black women?
Funnily enough, this video was actually directed to Black men. I was telling Black men that we need to treat Black women better. Not once did I say that white women were ugly? Or did I?
That was the level of confusion I had. I had to go back to the video and re-watch it. Did I say that white women were ugly in this video and that Black women were better? Did I overlook that?

I watched the video over again, twice. Nope I didn’t say anything about white women’s beauty. I didn’t even mention them or any other race of women.

So Why You Mad?

Here’s the thing. White women are generally not attracted to me. So they weren’t angry because I don’t want them or don’t find them attractive. I didn’t say white women were ugly. So they weren’t angry because I made a horrible video where I said “white women are ugly” or “Black women are the only beautiful women in the world”.
That wasn’t it at all.

It was simply because I didn’t include white women. They were angry because I didn’t mention them. They were furious that they were not the center of attention. How dare this man completely ignore us. How dare this Black man only be interested in Black women.
They were mortified that for once the spotlight was not on them.

When white women say “all women are beautiful”, it is not a response to unfair treatment of women. It is not a need for equality. It’s not even because they truly believe that all women are indeed beautiful. It is simply because they cannot stand that any other group of women could have attention, other than white women.

White women have this reflex action type response to any situation of upliftment that does not include them. That response is an innate need to force themselves into the situation. Make them the spotlight. Derail the conversation, and make it all about them. 


A lot of my videos and posts have brought out the undercover racist in so many people. Videos and posts that are made to make Black women smile, feel appreciated and loved, constantly get derailed and ambushed. I hate that so much negativity is always found in my posts when they’re supposed to be positive. But the reason white women can’t allow Black women to have something of there’s, untainted, simply for them, is because white women are purely narcissistic and insecure the “what about us” and “all women are beautiful” comments prove this.