Racist White Women & The Self Hating Black Men That Date Them

Black Men In Interracial Relationships That Allow Racist White Women To Disrespect Black Women. 

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Have you ever noticed that racist white women in interracial relationships with Black men  feel too confident attacking and disrespecting Black women?

That might confuse you, the idea of a racist person being in a relationship with a Black man or woman. But it happens. Just because someone can sleep with you does not mean they aren’t racist. They might like you, but they don’t like other people in your race.

What is the history of interracial dating and why is there such a push on swirling in the media as of late, especially towards Black women & white men. It seems every where you turn interracial couples are all over the place. Is this how we combat racism or is there another deeper agenda?

I know many people also have huge debates on whether or not someone can be “pro-Black” or not when they date interracially. I also have a video about that very topic. “Can you be pro-Black & date someone white or asian”? So many questions. Check out this video and hear my thoughts. Comment your thoughts below. Are you down with the swirl or nah?