Black Woman That Cried At Chris Brown Concert Tells All

The Queen APlus previously known as TaQuita Thorns talks about her experience with Black men as a Black woman at a Chris Brown Concert.

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Some of you might remember TaQuita Thorns from P Diddy’s Making The Band. 

Well a few years ago TaQuita Thorns, who now goes by the name The Queen APlus went viral. Sadly however, it wasn’t for her talent and singing skills. 

You may have seen a video circulating under the title “Black woman cries at Chris Brown concert because Black men didn’t want to dance with her”.
You might think to yourself:
Really? Is that why she cried? 
Did she really cry because Black men didn’t want to dance with her? 
Is a Chris Brown concert the right place for a Black woman to look for love?
Do Black men of high quality even go to Chris Brown concerts?


Just like you, I had many questions. I saw her 2 minute video and honestly I thought she was a very beautiful and attractive Black woman, I couldn’t think why she would have trouble finding a man. Maybe she was simply at the wrong place. So I decided to reach out to this beautiful Black woman that had gotten so much attention and backlash on social media for crying at the Chris Brown concert over Black men. She wasn’t just a Black woman crying at a Chris Brown concert, she was also swirler with a biracial son.

So what happened?
Why was she so bothered about Black men if she dated white men?
Why was she crying?

So after reaching out to The Queen, she agreed to speak to me live on camera and share her story with me. 

Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

In this video, you’ll hear her incredible story. Her ups and downs, highs and lows. As a Black woman she has experienced so much trauma, and believe it or not, it wasn’t necessarily from Black men. Her experiences with white men in her past, were heart wrenchingly painful to say the least. 
So please check out this interview with this beautiful high spirited Black woman and most importantly keep an open mind.