Black People Invented Everything – The Computer, The Cell Phone & The Internet!

Just a small list of all the things Black People Invented – Black inventions you could NOT live without. So let’s find out who invented the internet & the computer?

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If you’re a Black person that uses social media then you’ve more than likely dealt with your fair share of trolls. If you’re pro-Black then it’s even worse.
As a consequence we hear things every day like “you shouldn’t be using the internet or the computer, since all of these things were invented by white people”. Or “that cellphone you’re using right now was invented by a white man, so be grateful”. Sound familiar?

Every single day, we use technology, without realising the contributions Black inventors made to our lives. From our iPhones to our laptops, to the gear shifts in cars and light bulbs. From traffic lights to hot Combs. So many things wouldn’t exist without Black inventors. So many day to day things that we can’t live without. Even down to medical procedures that keep us alive, these inventions and innovations have been some of the most important. 

Black inventors have completely changed the way we live in so many ways. But sadly they don’t get the credit they truly deserve. 

So if you’ve ever wondered about who invented the internet or who invented the computer, then this video will answer all your questions. 
Some of these were Black inventions, some of these were major improvements & some of these products wouldn’t exist without certain components created & invented by Black inventors. 

Black Inventors

If you’d like to do further research on any of the inventors mentioned in this video, below is a full list of all the inventors. Enjoy learning.

Dr Mark Dean, Henry T Samson, Jesse Lee Russell, Dr. Philip Emeagwali, Benjamin Banneker, Jerry lawson, James forten.
James Edward Maceo West, Madam CJ Walker, Walter Sammons, Lydia newman, Charles Orren, Kenneth J Dunkley, John Henry Thompson. Andrew Beard, Bessie Blount Griffin, Dr Donald Cotton, Willis Johnson, William Purvis, George Washington carver.

Thomas L Jennings, George T Samson, J ross Moore, Sarah Boone, Augustus Jackson, Alfred L Craille, John Standard, Fredrick Jones.
Alice H. Parker, Lonnie Johnson, Jan Matzeliger, Elijah McCoy, George Franklin Grant, Granville T. Woods.
Lewis Latimer, Paul L Downing, Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, George Crum, Sarah E Goode, Garrett Morgan, Richard Spikes.

Edmond Berger, Joseph Gammel, Thomas J Martin, Percy Julian, Ellen Elgin, John Burr, Walter Wiley Jones, Frederick D Patterson, Jonathan Smith. George Carruthers, Robert T Allen, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Robert F Flemming Jr, Thomas Elkins, Ozzie Williams.
Tessema Dosho Shifferaw, Kevin Woolfolk, Henry Blair, Leonard C. Bailey, Valerie Thomas, Marie & Albert Van Brittan Brown.
Otis Boykin, Dr. Charles Drew, Dr Patricia bath, George Alcorn, Dr Betty wright Harris, Jane Cooke Wright.
Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, Thomas A. Carrington, John Lee Love, Thomas Stewart, Lloyd Ray, David Unaipon, Norbert Rilleaux, Samuel R. Scrottron. Osbourn Dorsey, Albert C Richardson, William H. Richardson, Alexander Miles.

You can also find over 20,000 inventions made by Black people in the book titled “Black Inventors” by Keith C Holmes. Peace, Love & Coconut Oil.