Angel Ramirez-Jordan & White Women 😱

One of the most craziest things I ever heard was “Angel Ramirez-Jordan is in a relationship with a white woman”, “I bet he dates white women”. 😂

I have to laugh at some people, I really do.

Anyone that knows me, knows I would never date a white woman & have never been with a white woman in my life. 

Once upon a time I posted a picture on my instagram account of myself & a work colleague. It was my last day at work & she wanted to take a picture. I liked the picture, I thought it was one of the very few pictures where I looked okay. I even wrote in the caption “last day at work, she wanted to take a picture. Finally I’m not the lightest one in the picture 😂”

A troll decided to take the picture that I posted & say “Angel Ramirez-Jordan Exposed” 

How are you going to expose me with a picture that I posted publicly myself? 🤦🏽‍♂️

Some people are really slow.

This trolled claimed that this picture was proof that I swirl or that I’m in some sort of relationship with a white woman. The reach was real. 😂

long story short…. I’m in a relationship with a beautiful Black woman. Some of you may know who she is…. The beautiful Brazil.