Is Angel Ramirez-Jordan Black, Biracial, Mixed Or Hispanic?

What race is Angel Ramirez-Jordan? Is he Black, mixed, biracial or is he hispanic?

“He looks mixed, so he must be mixed”… “Nah he looks Puerto Rican or Dominican, he’s hispanic!”

Everyone loves to tell me what I am. People look at me & make their own assumptions of what they think I am. Some people even dictate to me what I am. I’ve had people say to me, “Hey Angel Ramirez-Jordan. your mom’s white & your Dad’s Black!”

Wow, I didn’t know you knew my parents personally. 😂

People never seem to ask me what I am, they tell me what I am. 

But I understand, that many people judge people based on what they see. But phenotype is not always a good indicator of what someone’s race is. Not every light skinned person is mixed or biracial. Trust me, I know what I look like. I don’t need people to point out what I see in the mirror everyday. It might shock you, but I look exactly like my Dad, and he is without a doubt a Black man. 

But I’ll help you out. I’ll tell you what I am.

“Who is Angel Ramirez-Jordan?”

My father is a Black Jamaican man. Both of his parents are Jamaican & both of them are Black.

Hispanic is NOT a race.

There is no such thing as the hispanic race. That’s like saying the French race or the English or American race. Hispanic people come in all races. There are Black hispanics, white hispanics, mixed hispanics & even asian hispanics. 

My mother is a biracial Puerto Rican woman. Her father is a Black Puerto Rican (Yes they exist), & her Mother is a Native American/Mestiza Puerto Rican (Taino). In layman’s terms my mother’s mom is mixed, she’s part white and part native American. 

So am I hispanic, mixed, biracial or Black? well I’ve always referred to myself as a mixed Black man, because I’m predominantly Black, but I have a few other things in my bloodline. But long story short, I have three Black grandparents. Three out of four isn’t bad huh? lol

In 2016 I took a DNA test to find out what my ancestral genetic makeup was. I was very shocked by some of the results.