Cancel Angel Ramirez-Jordan He Does Not Love Black Women!

“Angel Ramirez-Jordan claims to love Black women, but he was mean to me, he blocked me from his YouTube channel. You should cancel him.”

Imagine my face the first time I saw a video or a post with a title similar to this. Believe me this happens to me all the time. 

Someone will leave a disrespectful comment on one of my videos or posts, end up getting blocked, & then all of a sudden a video pops up claiming that I hate Black women. Yes plural. BLACK WOMEN…. All because I blocked an individual. Yes Singular. Woman!

This is definitely something that manipulative people do. They cause an issue with you, & you react to them on a personal one on one basis, but because they didn’t like your reaction, they then claim that you hate all Black women. Because of course this one individual Black woman represents ALL Black women all over the globe. 😐

The thing is, I can always predict that this is going to happen. So let me tell you a story.

One day I was live streaming on my YouTube channel. We were discussing a hateful racist white woman who happened to have made a bunch of videos disrespecting Black women & Black people in general. I couldn’t believe how much hate was spewing out of her mouth. And I definitely could not believe that YouTube were allowing this on their platform. 

This particular white woman looked like the love child of Kathy Bates & Donald Trump.

This visual comparison was not me being mean, it was simple exactly what I saw, as well as the hateful aura that oozed from every pore on her body. 

This woman claimed that Ilhan Omar was not a woman, because she had been a victim of female genital mutilation. 

I could not believe my ears. This white woman claimed that Ilhan Omar was no longer a woman because she was a victim of FGM. This made me furious. So I called this white woman a “b*tch”. Yes I did, & I will not take it back. How dare she disrespect this woman. I’ve met some pretty hateful people in my time, but never would I think that someone would say something like this, & I definitely didn’t think that someone would come along & defend the love child of Kathy Burke & Donald Trump….. Especially not a Black woman…….

How wrong was I?

I was very wrong. A Black woman in my live stream decided to say “Angel calling that woman names is not attractive”…. She was referring to Kathy Trump. I thought to myself “has this woman completely lost the plot?”

Here I am addressing a hateful racist who attacks Black women & here’s a Black woman running to her rescue, saying “don’t call her names it’s not attractive”. So I responded on the live stream with “I’m not trying to be attractive, plus I don’t care if you find me attractive or not. I’m here addressing this racist who’s attacking Black people & you’re telling me not to be mean. I’ll tell you what, I’ll stop being mean when they have the same consideration for us”.

Then the Black woman decided to go on a rampage on the live chat. So she was blocked by one of my moderators. 

Then I made a prediction.

I said, “the next thing you know this woman is going to make a video claiming that I hate all Black women, they always do. I say one thing to an individual person & they try to flip it as if I said this to every single person.”

I swear, I’m always right. 😂

Within an hour this Black woman made & uploaded a video stating that I hate Black women. The basis of her video was “All I said to Angel was it’s not nice to call people names. I myself have been a victim of name calling” blah blah blah……. For one, no one called this Black woman any names, no one was disrespecting Black women… We were reacting to the racist white woman. 

Stockholm syndrome is real.

I wondered if this Black woman would also go this hard towards Black men that attack & disrespect Black women…. But it seems no. Because she hadn’t made any videos about anyone else, just me. She didn’t defend any Black women that were victims of verbal abuse, or name calling. No, just this white woman that was called a “b*tch” when she said Ilhan Omar was not a woman due to her traumatic experience. Hmmm……. 

So I decided to leave a comment on this woman’s video.

For those of you that can’t see the comment clearly. Here’s what I wrote:

“Oh nooooo 😱 What will I do? Isn’t it funny how YOU individually were blocked & yet YOUR title says “Angel is not loving Black women right now”…. I didn’t know you represented all Black women. You were not called names by me, you were not disrespected. No one made any statements about your looks…. You defended a racist, hateful white woman who came on to my channel and left hateful comments about Black people & victims of Female genital mutilation. I addressed this woman. I said she looked like Kathy Bates (which she did), I said she reminded me of Trump (which she did), I called her a “bitch” which she is! I’m sick of people wanting us to treat everyone with kit gloves even when they violate and disrespect us!!!! You came in the comment section and tried to “school” me on how I should be talking. Telling me that I should not call this hateful, racist, evil woman a “bitch”….. I could not believe my eyes. But I guess Stockholm syndrome is real. Where was your energy for her? Where’s your video for her? You simply want to care for your oppressor. And trust me Miss, you were NEVER a loyal subscriber. You were a viewer. A loyal subscriber would never have these “love your oppressor” views, which ended up getting you blocked. “Cancel Angel Ramirez-Jordan cause IKYG is Not loving Black women right….” That’s what I call lies and click bait. So maybe you did it for views…. well you did say in the video, I made this video so people who are subscribed to Angel can see it, and people who are not subscribed to Angel can see it. I will never apologize for being me, and I will never apologize for being “mean” to a racist hateful person.”

But that’s not all.

About 2 hours after she uploaded this video, I received a message on my facebook page from this woman. I could not believe me eyes. After she made the video & uploaded the video she reached out to me & said “hey beautiful can we talk?”


In conclusion, I honestly believe that this woman did this on purpose, to try & tarnish my name. She came out of nowhere. I had never seen her before & I couldn’t believe a Black woman that claimed to be a “loyal supporter” of mine was talking like this. 

But this is what I have come to expect from people now.