Angel Ramirez-Jordan Exposed

The truth about Angel Ramirez-Jordan. All the tea & gossip finally here….. “Angel Ramirez-Jordan Exposed”. This is what you came here for, right? All the piping hot tea?

Over the years I have seen so many blog posts, articles, gossip forums & comments about me all over the internet. All claiming to expose me and give the truth or “the tea”. Funnily enough it’s normally someone’s opinion on my videos or social media posts.

It used to bother me, not necessarily because some of them were negative, but simply because so many of them were false. They were untrue. They were made up. Most of them were people’s assumptions of me. 

They assumed that because I’m light skinned, I must be biracial, or because some of the videos I make are about Black women, (primarily trying to uplift Black women in order to counteract some of the negativity out there in regards to Black women) that I must only be doing it to sleep with women. I always found that kind of sad because, the assumption that if a man uplifts Black women, he’s only doing it because of an ulterior motive, says a lot about the state of society today & how Black women are viewed. 

“But how do they know all of these things?”

I always wondered though, with all of these rumors, assumptions & hypotheses, didn’t anyone ever wonder how people “knew” these things? Most of the people that write these posts or blogs about me, don’t know me & they don’t know anyone close to me. So how do they know this information & where did they get it from?

I’m a relatively private person, I keep quite a lot to myself. I used to post pictures of myself on social media quite regularly. Some of these pictures make me cringe to my core now when I look back at them. Have you ever taken a picture, thought it looked great, posted it online & then after a few hours started to stare at the picture & watch it transform into a hideous monster right in front of your very eyes? Well that would happen to me a lot. The difference was, that once I posted a picture, changed my mind about it & deleted it, it didn’t matter; because someone had already decided to screenshot the picture & post it somewhere else. But that’s the risk you take every time you upload a picture onto the internet.

Some people have more photos of me in their phone than I do. That’s the real tea there. 

So people end up taking a picture of me that they found somewhere on google & write an article or talk about me in a forum. I wouldn’t mind so much, if they weren’t misquoting me or simply writing blatant lies.

Let me give you a few examples:

Once I found a video about me that said something along the lines of “Angel Ramirez-Jordan was fired from his job by Black women!” 😱

To paraphrase this video. The uploader stated that some Black women had taken offence to some of my videos about interracial relationships & decided to contact my employer, & somehow managed to get me fired from my job. Wow. 

This was a complete lie. Luckily for me, I have never once had any employer of mine contacted by anyone from social media. I’ve always been quite smart about making sure I keep my work life & my online life completely separate. People may know what I do for a living, but they will never know where I work. Yes I do have a job outside of social media, contrary to popular rumors lol. I’m currently a high school teacher. “At what school Angel?” None of your business! 😂

Another example:

I recently was sent a link to a gossip forum, where I was mentioned. A comment was left on this thread/forum stating that “Angel Ramirez-Jordan lives off his girlfriend, she pays the bills, the rent & he’s a gold digger”. Something along those lines. I immediately turned to Brazil, showed her the thread & she started to laugh. I personally was confused as to how this person came to this conclusion that Brazil looks after me financially. Brazil & I have only this year moved in with each other. Being that I’m old school, I make it my business to make sure as the man, that I pay all of the bills. I’m her King, she’s my Queen, it’s my job to provide an empire for her. I know not everyone believes in this, but I do.  

This all goes back to that same question I always have whenever I read something about myself. “Where did you get this information from?”

“where are the receipts?” Next time someone says “Angel Ramirez-Jordan exposed” ask them where are the receipts. Because if there are no receipts, then it didn’t happen.

I swear people just make stuff up.

They read a troll comment on youtube or on some other social media platform & assume it’s true. Maybe this is my fault for not being public about every little thing that I do. But my life is pretty boring. I go to work, I come home, I make a video, I edit the video, I eat, I go to the gym, I annoy my Queen & then I go to sleep.

I’m not a public figure & I have stated this many times. I feel that some people confuse having followers on Instagram & subscribers on YouTube with fame or success. They’re not mutually the same. If I delete my social media accounts tomorrow, I’ll probably be forgotten quite quickly. I’m irrelevant outside of my own social media. But the thing is, I don’t want fame. All of this started from me, a normal everyday guy writing statuses & uploading videos on Facebook. That’s it. Who would have thought that my opinions & views would irritate so many people. 

But….. I decided to put out some information about me. Some truthful, factual information. You don’t need to wonder where this information came from, because you got it directly “from the horses mouth”.

Below is a video ALL ABOUT ME, Angel Ramirez-Jordan. How conceited & self centered of me. So now you can finally say “Angel Ramirez-Jordan Exposed”

If you’re interested in any other “tea” about me, check out all the tea about me here.