Angel Ramirez-Jordan Hustling & Scamming Black Women

“Angel Ramirez-Jordan only makes his videos to profit from Black women!”
“Angel Ramirez-Jordan is scamming Black women!”
“He  only makes videos to make money!”

The amount of times I have heard & read these statements is ridiculous. If I had a dollar for every time I read or heard this, I would be a very rich man. Now if I lost a dollar for every time I heard this & it wasn’t actually true… I’d be very poor lol. 

Ever since I started making videos online… Well more accurately, ever since I started getting attention for making videos online, people have assumed that I only uplift Black women for some sort of financial or sexual gain. Which is sad, because why does it have to be assumed that Black women can only be uplifted if there’s an ulterior motive?

“He only says these things so that you buy his merchandise!”

I’ve heard this said so many times… I even used to hear it said when I didn’t even have merchandise. “Wait! Angel Ramirez-Jordan has merchandise?”

No, I don’t.

I started making videos & writing posts in 2011. I didn’t jump on some Black women bandwagon to get attention. The truth is, I  was relatively unknown. I used to get a couple likes & shares here & there, but nothing major. 

In 2014 a video of mine went viral. The video was called “why Black women don’t want us”. I could not believe the attention I was getting. People loved the video & people hated it.
All of a sudden I became a discussion topic. I didn’t have any merchandise of any sorts, so the first negative rumor was, “He only makes these videos so he can sleep with women”….. This was funny to me, because I was in a relationship. There were pictures of my girlfriend & I all over my facebook page. But that didn’t stop people from trying to trash my message. Hell, some people even said “Nah he gay”… Make your mind up people. lol

In 2015 after over a year of people ASKING ME to put my quotes & slogans on T-Shirts, I decided to finally make some IKYG clothing, & put them up for sale. 

Wow…. Had I known the drama this would have caused, I would have avoided it all costs. The moment I launched the clothing, there was echos of “See, he’s only doing this for money”. Videos would pop up form people (mainly men) saying “Angel Ramirez-Jordan is scamming Black women!”

“What is a scammer?”

I pretty much ignored the naysayers though. I figured, at the end of the day I’m not forcing anyone to buy any clothing at all. People kept asking, & it’s there for the people that want to but it. Besides when you buy a piece of clothing, you get exactly what you pay for… An item of clothing. It’s called a fair exchange. So I didn’t understand how I was scamming anyone. Not a single person ever bought some clothing & complained about the quality or even that they never received what they paid for.

So that is not a scam.

People would praise IKYG for our amazing customer services. I made sure that every order was handled with care, all the clothing was of optimum quality & we tracked all of the packages once mailed to make sure they were delivered. most of the time we at IKYG knew of any issues during delivery by the postal service before the customer & we would rectify it so that our IKYG family had no stress during the process. 

But sadly due to barely anyone purchasing any clothing from our website, I shut down the clothing & merchandise business in June 2018. 

But still, people til this day still claim that I only make videos to sell merchandise. They even claim that I’m scamming people to get Patreon supporters. Which is crazy, because I only recently opened a Patreon account on June 13th 2020, and that was only because YouTube terminated all of my channels. I didn’t even have a Patreon account when they started this rumor 😂. Besides, all of my videos on on here are ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Where’s the scam?

I’ve even had people claim that I’m scamming & hustling by advertising Black owned businesses for free…. Someone make it make sense. Because I struggle to understand the logic behind a scam where you give someone stuff for free to benefit them. 

So no, I do not sell clothing. I do not make videos to sleep with Black women, and even though I now have a Patreon account, all of my videos on this website are absolutely free. I do not ask for money & I don’t say the things I say to sleep with women. In fact the majority of my videos that have ever gone viral have had nothing to do with Black women. 

This video goes into detail as to why I no longer sell clothing.