Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s Beef With Derrick Jaxn – The REAL Tea!

Angel Ramirez-Jordan beef with Derrick Jaxn.

The real truth about what happened between Angel Ramirez-Jordan & Derrick Jaxn!

In 2015 quite a few of my followers on instagram & subscribers on YouTube would send me links to quotes by Derrick Jaxn, as well as pictures of some of his clothing & slogans. There’s literally nothing new under sun when it comes to slogans & quotes. But one thing kept striking me strange.

I used to sell clothing. Whenever I would post a picture of my clothing, within a week someone would then send me a link or a screenshot of Derrick Jaxn with a new slogan on some clothing, which was pretty close to mine. This started to iritate me so I called Derrick Jaxn out on instagram saying “If you’re going to use my ideas at least give me a shout out”. Derrick Jaxn didn’t like this at all & decided to go on a rampage of cussing & name calling. Not just towards myself, but also my followers & friends on Instagram. Sad.

“Derrick Jaxn Exposed”

After this incident, I then decided to make a video expressing what really happened. it was more so about the principle & people knowing the truth. 

The video got quite a lot of attention, & amassed quite a lot of views. It was pretty obvious that Derrick had seen this video. He made vague remarks to the situation, but refused to actually state my name. But as my video got even more attention, & the evidence was quite damming. Derrick Jaxn decided to create a WordPress Blog “exposing” me.

“Angel Ramirez-Jordan Exposed”

But Derrick could not bee honest about this WordPress Blog. He would not come out & say he created it. Instead he created the Blog from the angle that one of his loyal followers, supporters or fan had decided of their own accord to create this blog. Now I make look a little slow to some people, but believe me I’m not. This Blog had private instagram messages that cannot be found anywhere. It had information that could not have come from anyone other than Derrick…. But Derrick hadn’t spoken about it. He tried his best to lie his butt off on tho WordPress blog & pretend that he knew nothing about it…. 

But Derrick Jaxn isn’t that smart, because he would place the link to this WordPress blog in the description of his videos. This was all damage control. But it didn’t really work because my video detailed every little thing that Derrick did, including exposing how I knew the WordPress Blog was created by Derrick Jaxn.

I don’t sell clothing any more, & this has nothing to do with Derrick or his attempt at sabotage. But I do have a video that goes into detail on why I no longer sell clothing.

This is about the principle & people knowing the truth. 

Below is the video that explains in full detail what happened & what he did.