Who Is Angel Ramirez-Jordan?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Angel Ramirez-Jordan? All your questions answered in one video.

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“Angel Ramirez-Jordan Q & A”

Over the years I have seen so many blog posts, articles, gossip forums & comments about me all over the internet. Some making outlandish statements.  

I always used to wonder where people got their information from. They obviously didn’t get it from me. They didn’t ask me any questions, so where did they get these so-called answers from? 

So many assumptions about me online are false and in many cases just completely made up. 

They assumed that because I’m light skinned, I must be biracial, or because some of the videos I make are about Black women, (primarily trying to uplift Black women in order to counteract some of the negativity out there in regards to Black women) that I must only be doing it to sleep with women. I always found that kind of sad because, the assumption that if a man uplifts Black women, he’s only doing it because of an ulterior motive, says a lot about the state of society today & how Black women are viewed. 

“But how do they know all of these things?”

I always wondered though, with all of these rumors, assumptions & hypotheses, didn’t anyone ever wonder how people “knew” these things? Most of the people that write these posts or blogs about me, don’t know me & they don’t know anyone close to me. So how do they know this information & where did they get it from?

I’m a relatively private person, I keep quite a lot to myself. 

“Questions and answers”

But I decided to put an end to all the theories. 
This video will give you everything you ever wanted to know about Angel Ramirez-Jordan. (I hate talking in third person lol)

At the end of 2018 I asked all of my subscribers on YouTube to ask me some questions. Anything they ever wanted to know about me. 

In this video you will learn all about me, and I answer YOUR questions. The things YOU wanted to know. Some truthful, factual information. You don’t need to wonder where this information came from, because you got it directly “from the horses mouth”.