The Truth About Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s Mother

Who is Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s mother and what happened to her? 

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It’s sad to say that I had to post something like this, but I felt I had to.

Many people have their own assumptions about my Mother and Father.
Not to mention my mother’s race. For instance A lot of people assume my father is Black and my mother is white, or even that she’s “hispanic” or “Latina”. I get sick and tired of explaining that Hispanic and Latino are not races. You can be 100% Black and be hispanic, the same as you can be 100% white and be Latino. But that’s another video and another discussion for another time.

Single Mother

People constantly claim that I must have been raised by a single Mother based on my views. “You can tell Angel Ramirez-Jordan was raised by a single mother, he’s such a simp”.

So apparently if you respect Black women and ask that Black men step up then you must have been raised by a single mother. Strange because there is nothing wrong with being raised by a single mother. Single mother’s are some of the most strongest women in the world. Funnily enough most of the men that feel this way themselves have severe mommy issues.

However, with that being said…. I wasn’t raised by a single mother. I was in fact raised by a single Father. 
My Father raised me. Isn’t it funny how people will make all sorts of assumptions based on no evidence and no facts. Simply because “Angel Ramirez-Jordan is annoying so we’ll make up a lie”.

It wouldn’t really bother me, but the situation is very sensitive, as I’m sure most of you can imagine.


My mother committed suicide when I was young, therefore leaving my father alone to raise all his children. So the truth is, the majority of my views are based on my father’s teachings. A Black man. This of course isn’t something I talk about all the time. As a result many people aren’t aware of this part of my life.

A few years ago I wrote a poem about how my mother took her life and how it affected me. This video is about that. This is a very personal poem that I decided to share with the world. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was greatly affected by my mother’s death and got very emotional when writing and performing this poem. Most importantly, I found doing this very therapeutic. 

However, if you’d also like to learn a little bit more about me without making assumptions or listening to trolls, then please also watch this video. Who is Angel Ramirez-Jordan?

I’m sharing this poem, because I believe many people can relate. Also if you’re having suicidal thoughts, please don’t do it. Reach out to someone and talk about it. Don’t go through this alone. Don’t make permanent decisions on temporary feelings. It will get better.