What Do Men Want From Women?

What do men really want from women? Get a pen ready, this video answers all of your questions ladies.

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Find out what women want from men.

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What do men want from women?

This video will give you a few ideas. Us men are very simple creatures, we only want a few things from women… Or are we? Could men be more complicated than you thought? Find out here in this video.

Men want a woman that can cook. Even if a man can cook, he still wants to know that you can too. If you can remind him of what Mama’s food tasted like, your man will be very happy.

Most men don’t understand women. So make it a little easier on us by remembering some of us are simple lol. Just be open with us. Communication is important. Help him to understand you. 


Men LOVE sex. Men are wired differently to women. When we’ve had a hard day, or something stressful has happened, sex is always a good remedy. 


Reassure us. If we’re doing everything right, then let us know. We need reassurance too. 

Look, the truth is men and women are more alike than you may think. 
Men and women share an almost identical brain structure, similar needs for achievement and connection, and generally want the same things out of life. The differences are not all that different.

Men are socialized beginning in boyhood to conform to what society deems as masculine. This includes being in control of one’s emotions, winning at all costs and not showing vulnerability. 

But what do men really want from women?

Men deeply want you to like them and to love them for themselves and not just what they can do for you.

Deep down, just like you, men are vulnerable beings. Do not punish or minimize if you see even a hint of sadness; let him have his moment. He may or may not cry, and certainly men are typically socialized to cry less than women. However, it is important for his negative emotions to be validated and heard. Boys and men are given so much shame in our culture for being vulnerable that they are often left with only one choice to vent negative feelings—anger. Offer him one place in the world where he can unconditionally bring his full self to the table and where you don’t judge him. When you find yourself trying to understand something he says that you find unacceptable, stop, breathe and remember; deep down most men want what women want; acceptance of who they are, love, and positive reinforcement for what they do well and for what they are trying to contribute. 

So check out this video, hopefully it helps you to understand what men want from women.