“Light Skinned, Mixed & Biracial People Are NOT Black” – Angel Ramirez-Jordan Is NOT Black Enough!

I have THREE Black grandparents & one non white/non black (mixed) grandparent…. But I’m not Black enough to speak on Black issues?

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How Black do you have to be to be black enough?

“Are mixed people black?”

So I was having a weird conversation with a dark skinned “full black” Jamaican brother who proceeded to tell me that I have no right to talk about black issues, black culture or black injustices and that I should stop making videos uplifting black women as it’s not my place….. Because I’m light skinned and “only half black”. 

“You’re mixed”

People love to tell me what I am. Even when they have no idea.

I listened to this very annoying brother talk at me for a lot longer than I really wanted to. He then said “You should only uplift hispanic women, since you look more hispanic than black”.
At that point I tried to explain to him that hispanic is not a race, it’s a culture so there are Black hispanics and I am not just “half black”. Yes my mother is mixed. She is half Black and my father is Black.

He then told me that I have no right to the black culture.
So here’s the thing. As a son of a proud black Jamaican father and a strong mixed black and Taino Puerto Rican mother with light skin and very curly  hair, raised in the projects of Marcy Houses in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn NY. I now have to question…If being black is more than just skin tone, a way of life, culture, heritage, blood and experience, then how black do you have to be, to be black enough? But how can you tell me that because I’m half Puerto Rican that I have no right to embrace my Jamaican side?

“Team light skin” and “Team dark skin” is bullshit. Having our identity questioned by our own people is the craziest thing to me. Whether we’re “full black”, mixed majority black or biracial, Puerto rican or Dominican we are all impacted by the effects of racism AND still judged as being BLACK.
Our experiences as Black people may differ due to our skin tone… But in reality, we ALL share the same struggle. This division amongst Black people makes us less effective in the work towards eradicating racism. You can’t destroy colorism by creating your own colorism.