Being Peaceful Is Killing Black People – We Must Shoot Back!

Peaceful protests are not stopping them from killing Black people. If you shoot us then we will shoot back!

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Protesting and marching has not stopped the police from killing Black people. Even white people protesting at Black Lives Matter rallies alongside Black people has not stopped Black people from being killed.

If peaceful protesting is not working, then why do Black people continue to beg for their lives? Because ultimately that’s what we’re doing. Whenever a Black woman, man or child is murdered by police or by a random white person, the Black community gather together and say “Black Lives Matter”. We protest and ask the people that hate us to stop killing Black people.

However, in over 400 years, begging for our lives has not worked. So why would it work now? The truth is there is no such thing as a non violent revolution. You don’t get peace by asking your oppressors nicely, especially when peace does not benefit them in the slightest.

Begging for peace

Throughout history, primarily told in European history books, by European historians, we have heard stories of oppressed people demanding their freedom. Not begging for freedom. Not marching or protesting for freedom. There was no protest between 1775 and 1783 of white Americans of British descent begging the British to stop killing white American people. No. There was a war. They called it the American Revolutionary War, which resulted in what we refer to as the American independence, also known as FREEDOM.
Millions of Americans today even victims of the American/European system celebrate this every year. 
But maybe we shouldn’t learn from our oppressors, after all they are oppressors, so how honorable can their tactics be?
So what about our ancestors? What about the Haitian revolution from 1791 to 1804? The Haitians didn’t beg for their lives. They didn’t beg for freedom….. 
They took it!

Peaceful protests

I’ve read so many articles that state peaceful protests are more successful than non peaceful protests. But how true is this?  Why is it always the role of Black people, the oppressed victims to take the moral high road? The system does not work for us, so it would be feasible for an oppressed group to feel that they must destroy a broken system. But is the system broken? No! It works exactly as it was intended to work.

Black people in the U.S. are not only three times more likely to be killed by police than white people, but they’re also less likely to be armed than white people during these interactions with police. 

For Black people who experience violence at the hands of the people and institutions that are supposed to protect them, the question becomes: “If they use violence, why shouldn’t we use violence?” The police know that violence works, otherwise they wouldn’t use it. 

Exactly how that violence manifests is another matter entirely, but, one thing is almost always true: violence is the spark that ignites the movement.

So what would work?

What is the meaning of “if you shoot us then we will shoot back”?

Check out this video and you’ll understand a little more.