This Is Why I Hate White People

10 reasons why I hate white people. But do I really hate white people?
Is this reverse racism? Am I a racist? You decide.

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What is white fragility?

Recently I was sent an article titled “White People Are The Biggest Victims Of Racism – Anti White Racism Exposed.” Yes you read right.
If that isn’t the finest example of white privilege then I don’t know what is. 

If you’ve never heard of “White fragility” before, this video will open your eyes to a whole new level of white privilege. The need to be racist & oppress Black people all while also claiming to be victims of racism. They want to be the victors & the victims, but never seen as the villains. 

For example, you might be familiar with an incident involving Donald Trump & a Black female news reporter Yamiche Alcindor.  When he was asked how he feels about some people feeling the Republican Party support white nationalists. Donald Trump instantly got on the defensive & called this Black woman a racist for asking him a genuine question. 

“Reverse Racism”

The phrase “Reverse Racism” has become this new white buzz word. That gets thrown around whenever Black people speak on their experiences with racism. 

We have to understand that when you use the word “reverse” as a prefix, it means to correct a problem or issue. 
If you were to reverse cancer you would get rid of cancer. Reverse the ageing process? Reversing the balding process? You get the idea. 

So in essence if someone was a “reverse racist” it would mean that they are attempting to get rid of racism. But to really expose what they mean when they call a Black person a “reverse racist”. Is this. “Stop exposing my racism”. Because the real definition of reverse racism is actually telling the truth and making white people feel uncomfortable by doing so. 

In this video I address the narrative that white people are the biggest victims of racism. I also address my experience with having my voice silenced whenever I speak on racism within the Black community. As well as why pointing out racism is not oppressing the white race or causing a division. Why uplifting Black women & not including white or asian women is not racist. I also address why saying Black lives matter & not all lives matter is not anti white. 

Comment your thoughts below. Let me know what you think.