Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s Shocking Past Revealed

You will be shocked to find out the truth about Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s past.

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Who is Angel Ramirez-Jordan?
Who are Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s parents?
Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s Father?
Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s Mother?
Is Angel Ramirez-Jordan Black?
Who is Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s wife?
When is Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s birthday?
Where does Angel Ramirez-Jordan work?
Where does Angel Ramirez-Jordan live?
What is Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s race?
What happened to Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s Youtube channel?
Does Angel Ramirez-Jordan have a criminal record?
Does anyone have any tea on Angel Ramirez-Jordan?


One day I went to google and decided to search my name. I’m sure I’m not the only person that has done this. Google does this thing, where it gives you recommended search queries based on things that other people have searched for. Those were some of the search results that came up for my name. 
I thought to myself, “damn, some of y’all are nosey” lol. 
I’m not a celebrity and I’m not even a public figure. I’m just an annoying guy with an internet connection, lost of opinions and his own website. To be honest that’s quite a dangerous combination. 

The funny thing

One of the recommended search results was “where are Angel Ramirez-Jordan’s funny videos?”…. I thought to myself, hey that’s not a bad question. So I went through my Facebook account and my instagram account and looked for my old videos of me being a clown. I decided to put them together as a compilation to give y’all a little laugh. The truth is it’s draining being serious everyday. Don’t y’all ever want to smile and laugh? I know I do. 

However, if you want a serious video about me, and you want to know everything, then this video will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about me. 
And if you really want to know all the tea. I’ve got you covered too. One day I decided to address all the rumors I’d ever read about me. Things like women, race, my parents, and a whole bunch of other pointless topics that people feel it’s necessary to lie about. You might wonder why I would waste my time even addressing things like that.
I look at it like this:
I might as well use people’s trolling and foolishness to my advantage. If you’re so interested in what shoe size I wear, then why night come to my website and find out. It’s always better to go the source, right?