Puerto Ricans & Dominicans Are Black!

Are Dominicans & Puerto Ricans Black? What Race Are Hispanics?

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A lot of people believe that latino & hispanic are races. Some people even believe that Puerto Rican & Dominican are races.
You’ll never know the stress I have gone through in my life trying to explain to people the differences between, nationality, ethnicity, culture & race. It gets very tedious explaining the same thing over & over again.

But a simple search on google lets you know that so many people are uneducated on this topic. 
Sadly, however, it’s not just the non latino or non hispanic community that struggle with the idea of Puerto Ricans & Dominicans being Black. You’ve probably heard & seen many obviously, clearly Black people the happen to speak Spanish saying “I’m not Black, I’m Puerto Rican”. You can find yourself in some serious fights if you tell some Dominicans & Puerto Ricans “Puerto Ricans are Black”!

“What race are hispanics?”

Long story short hispanic & latino are not races. I will explain this in more detail in future videos. There are multiple races within the Latino community. You can be Black, white, Native American (Taino), biracial or a mix of all the races & still be 100% hispanic or latino. 

“So what are Afro Latinos?”

The term afro latino is no different from the term African American. An Afro Latino is a person from Latin America that happens to be of significant African descent. In the same way an African American is someone form the United States that happens to be of significant African descent. No difference. Just like the saying goes, the only difference between an Afro Puerto Rican, Dominican, Jamaican, Haitian & African American is a boat stop.

“But if Puerto Rican isn’t a race then how can you say Puerto Ricans Are Black?”

In this video I’m talking specifically about Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, hispanics & latinos that are of African descent. You know the types. the ones that if they didn’t open their mouths or tell you their names you wold assume they were simply….. Black. lol

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