A New Race Of Black People Discovered – The Delusionoids

A new race of human beings has recently been discovered by scientists and anthropologists.

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The term race or racial group refers to dividing the human species into groups. The most widely used human racial types are those based on visual traits (such as skin color, cranial, facial features, or type of hair). The word race also has a meaning in sociology. Many people react in one way if they see a white person and in another way if they see a Black person. 

In the 19th century and in the early 20th century, many scientists divided human beings into three races. White people were called “Caucasoid race”, Black people were called “Negroid race”, and the people of East Asia and Southeast Asia were called “Mongoloid race”.


There was much prejudice based upon this way of looking at the world. The Europeans and Asians both regarded themselves as superior to the other skin colors. Racism, a non-scientific theory or ideology, was that a particular race was superior or inferior. It argued that in the races that make up the human race, there are deep, biologically determined differences. It also states races should live separately and not intermarry. A supporter of racism is called a racist. These attitudes in turn supported the horrors of African slavery, Apartheid, Segregation and the Jim Crow laws, Nazism and Japanese imperialism.

Some scientists spoke of three races of mankind: The Caucasian race living in Europe, North & East Africa, West Asia and also south Asian, the Mongoloid race living in East Asia, Australia, and the Americas, and the Negroid race living in Africa south of the Sahara. Other scientists had different ideas and spoke of four or five races. These ideas were popular from the late 18th century to the middle of the 20th century. Because these ideas belong to former times, they are called historical definitions of race or historical race concepts.

More Than 3 Races?

The mid-twentieth century racial classification by American anthropologist Carleton S. Coon, divided humanity into five races:

  • Negroid (Black) race
  • Australoid (Australian Aborigine and Papuan) race
  • Capoid (Bushmen/Hottentots) race
  • Mongoloid (Oriental/Amerindian) race
  • Caucasoid (White) race
Further Division

There are also sub categories of each racial classification. Often times these sub categories are further divided by phenotype.


Native to the African Continent, the Negroid Phenotype possibly retain the most of the earliest human phenotypes compared to the other phenotypes, due to the fact that humans came from Africa.

Sub groups :

Banto-Nilotic Sub-Type – Found mostly among Eastern Bantu speakers and Nilotic speakers. 
Mandeic Sub-type – Mostly found in West Sub Sahara Africa, but also among some Berber groups in North Africa. Cushitic Sub-Type – They are mostly found in Northeastern Africa.


The Caucasoid group is found mainly in Europe but also other parts of the world. Remember in the video I stated that all white people are caucasian but not all caucasians are white. You’ll learn more about this in future videos.

Sub groups :

Nordic/Germanic Sub-Type– Predominantly found in Germanic-speaking countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Germany, Austria, England as some examples.
Caucasus Sub-Type – Commonly found in Caucasus region, as well as reaching to Central Asia, India, Pakistan and Iran. 

Arabid Sub-Type – Originated from the Arabian Peninsula, particularly Yemen. Carriers of this phenotype migrated to other parts of Middle East through Arabization.


The Mongoloid Phenotype migrated from Africa to Southeast Asia. Then the group was split into two : One migrated to the North and the other one to the South.
The ones who migrated to the North had to endure the cold. As the result, they developed a distinctive feature called epichantic fold. The fold makes their eyes almond-shaped, which functions to protect their vision from strong wind.

Sub groups :

Siberian/Eskimo Sub-Type– They inhabit Siberia and the very Northern parts of Asia and America.
Americanid Sub-Type– Consists of most Native Americans living in North America, and some Natives in South America.


Australoids migrated from Africa to the tropical parts of Asia and Oceania. They maintain some Negroid-like features because their ancestors have always inhabited places that are close to the equator. Commonly found among Melanesia and certain groups of Australian Aborigines.