“Black People Need To Wait For God, God Will Fix EVERYTHING”

Praying without actions? Faith without works is dead? God helps those that help themselves?  A message for religious Black people.

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Black People & Religion

Religion, particularly Christianity, has played a big role in Black people’s history. While most Africans brought to the New World to be slaves were not Christians when they arrived, many of them and their descendants became Christians.

White supremacy has a vested interested in trying to make the savior of the universe a white man.

A lot of christians don’t want to admit that christianity and the name of “Jesus” was used to oppress African people. They want to remain blind and ignorant to the facts. These historic crimes are taboo to the minds of the religious, almost unthinkable. The thoughts that the “word of God” could ever be used to cause pain to other humans, or that the bible could be used to place one group of people in a position to rule over others with the “blessing of God” behind it, is almost unfathomable to some people.


We’re lead to believe that we are a part of a society where truth and historical accuracy are allegedly more valued than the color of someone’s skin. But that’s not necessarily true is it?

Although, with movies about the Egyptians being made with a cast of almost all white people, or the beliefs of millions that Jesus was white, implies that the accuracy of history is not paramount.
A friend of mine said that he believes the reason so many people believe that “Jesus” was white is because; however painful it might be for white people to face, to admit that such a man as Jesus would have been Black or brown; would be to admit that the very foundations of this country, and its normal operating procedures for most of its history were a sin. Not merely against our professed civic and political principles, but a sin against God and the very Christianity upon which white America insist the United States was begun.

Given the tendency of conservatives to view their God as particularly vengeful and given to wrath, one can quite easily understand why they might prefer to ignore their own transgressions in his eyes, and to change the subject or at least the object of their theological affections as quickly as possible.


Many Africans resisted enslavement. On shipboard, many of the enslaved mutinied, attempted suicide, jumped overboard, or refused to eat. The most recent estimate suggests that there was a revolt on one in every ten voyages across the Atlantic. 

To prevent their captives from starving themselves, slavers sometimes smashed out their teeth and fed them by force. Some captains actually cut off the arms and legs of the kidnapped Africans.

Upon arrival in the New World, enslaved Africans underwent the final stage in the process of enslavement, a rigorous process known as “seasoning.”
Many of the enslaved died of disease or suicide, but many other African captives conspired to escape slavery by running away and forming “maroon” colonies in remote parts of South Carolina, ‎Florida, ‎Brazil, Guiana, Puerto Rico, ‎Jamaica, and Surinam.

Global Pandemic

All across the globe, Black people have been indoctrinated through religion and  by racism within a white supremacist system. They came to each land with their holy bibles and through either force or simply manipulation have caused the natives of each land to be under their spell, while they rule. They stole the land, took control of the natural resources and traded in the only thing they had (the bible) and gave it to African people. 

As long as you follow their doctrine, you’ll never obtain mental freedom. Religion is one of their most powerful tools to keep you enslaved and they’ve infiltrated mostly all of our minds. WAKE UP Black people. Give them their religions back. TAKE BACK YOUR LAND, RESOURCES, AND YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM.

Powerful Tools

Religion has been the greatest tool used to conquer and convert the minds of Black people. 

When you connect a belief system to a religion, its affects can be so much more profound and longer lasting. An example of this can be seen wherein which during slavery Black people were given a religion that taught them to believe in white deities. A white God, white messiah, white angels and white prophets. 

Many are quick to point out in their defense of the Bible that it doesn’t actually state that its deities are white. However, when its authorities such as the Priests, Bishops and several Popes of the Roman churches commissions to have officialized all paintings and statutes of biblical character as being white still affirms our case. Although many of these popes secretly worship a Black madonna as has been seen in this video.

Taught Lies

Furthermore, our enslaved ancestors were in fact taught by their white slave owners that God and all the characters of the bible were white. These racist teachings of white deities have been endorsed many times over by many Hollywood movies.

Their Savior Is Not Your Savior

There are no people in the world who have not got a Savior of their own; one who speaks in their own language and shares the ups and downs of their particular nation as a people. However, some nations of the world are so bigoted that they believe that only their own version of God is the right one.

During the spread of Islam many people were killed for opposing the arabs version of God, the Christian church on the other hand roasted many for opposing them. Sounds very Christian, right?
Force was used to change our ways. Way of prayers, names, food, customs, land, looks, lifestyle and language. Funnily enough, the europeans who brought their version of God to Africa do no market that same version to themselves, as they do to African people.

Hidden Truth

During the enslavement of the Africans they were given a religion that taught them to believe in white deities. A white God, white messiah, white angels and white prophets.

These depictions of “white only” deities were deliberately done to subconsciously indoctrinate the false belief of white divinity; and therefore superiority, upon the minds of enslaved Africans.

In making the enslaved believe in white deities it made them subconsciously believe that their slave masters; also being white, were closer to God, or god like. To protect their positions of white dominance they believes it was necessary to instil the belief of white superiority into the minds of the enslaved Africans.

This white idolizing religious indoctrination process was also used to make enslaved Africans more loyal to their masters. From the perspective of the slave masters, it made them better slaves.

The effects of that brain washing scheme initially implemented more than four hundred years ago still continues upon the mind of millions of Africans. It is the reason why you can presently visit many Black churches and find its walls stubbornly adorned with pictures of only white deities. This conditioning has been left uncorrected and un-removed for generations.

Brainwashing & Mental Conditioning 

Even after slavery the brainwashing of Africans has continued.

Presently, as a means of brainwashing Africans, the version of history given to them was heavily revised to favor the agenda of the ruling elites. Whilst hiding the true brutality of their crimes committed against Black people throughout history. This fostered an unrealistic sense of false patriotism used to manufacture Black allegiance to a still racist white government.

Here is the purpose for such a massive brainwashing scheme:

Imagine that an invader broke into a home, robbing and leaving it in ruins. Then the invader kidnapped the children from the home to work as servants within his home. This invader, fearing an eventual retribution from these kidnapped children may find it necessary to implement systems to ensure these children remain loyal to him.

While the invader, through his militaries could rob and the destroy the home, they cannot win the loyalty, or sustain peace with the children for long unless systems are used to suppress dissent. Or unless they can be convinced to grant their consent to be governed.

To protect themselves from retribution the invader would have to maintain strict control of all information given to these children. This would include whitening their religious and educational development.

The invader may also find it necessary to retell the events of the invasion. They may do so by routinely showing to the children demoralizing pictures of their ruined former home; while falsely retelling the details of the event.

The invaders may revamp the facts of the crime stating that they merely rescued them from a dilapidated home where they were unwanted by their parents. This would cause the children to develop an undeserving sense of loyalty and appreciation towards their kidnapper/invader. The invader may also find it necessary to implement a scheme to divide the children. This would be to prevent them from ever unifying against their invader. By teaching them not to trust each other while simultaneously teaching them to trust only him.

Psychological Warfare

A massive psychological conditioning program consistent with this noted scenario is precisely what is being covertly implemented against Black people. Presently Africans are deliberately being given; through totally white controlled media sources, images of Africa and Black culture that our intentionally designed to produce shame of their heritage.

They are constantly subjected to only those images of a war-torn, famine-ridden, rampantly illiterate, and disease-stricken Africa. Or images of ghetto Black American neighborhoods. These deplorable depictions of Africa displaying only its poorest communities are in fact designed to make African Americans feel grateful that  their ancestors were enslaved and bought to America. They’re being subconsciously told that they’re the lucky ones to have been taken away from the backwardness of Africa.

Its depictions of Africa is also one that misleads many Africans to believe that most of their African Ancestors easily gave them away to the white invader. They hide the brutal massacre of countless of African Warriors that died in battle trying to rescue their captured love ones.
The number of Africans that died in battles fought against the white invaders far exceeded, many times over, the number of any Africans that may have assisted in the slave trade.

It Continues

The effects of that mental conditioning program have continued through many generational lines. These white deities are now so indoctrinated upon the minds, souls, and hearts of Black people. Most will now angrily defend preferring them; saying that the color of their deities are of no matter nor relevance. 

However, given that this same group is often psychologically incapable of accepting Black depictions of their deities proves that color is of relevance; just as long as it remains white. 

For some Black people they literally feel offended and a disdain towards Black depiction of their sacred deities. This behavior is among the severest remaining effect of that black mortifying religious indoctrination process. 

To have a preference for white deities over Black ones, that look like themselves, as being normal is ludicrous.

For many Black people God is revered as being the most highest entity within their lives. Therefore it is logical that the continued perpetuated myth of God’s whiteness would psychologically ingrain feelings of white superiority. It would create a belief of white divinity while subsequently causing self-contemptuous mortifying feelings within the Black psyche. An inferiority complex.

It is also for this reason why many Black people often feel greater sympathy towards the white Jewish holocaust. This atrocity which resulted in an estimated 6 millions deaths. However, many Black people have no feelings over their own Black Holocaust that resulted in an estimated fifty million deaths. These behaviors among so many African Americans are the direct resulted legacy of that slavery process where of which they were indoctrinated to believe in the divinity of whites only. 


Millions of Black people have lived and died without ever studying the true origin of their Christian religion. Or of how their enslaved ancestors became Christians. Many hold the belief that to merely present such a question is to commit a sin.

Some even believe that those who would question it are under the influence of Satan himself. These sentiments are often also echoed by many Black ministers. Subsequently, as a result of these norms, the majority of African Americans therefore go from the cradle to the grave never knowing this truth. Do you know the origin of Black Christianity? 

Most African Americans are unaware that their spiritual experiences of trance shaking when feeling a spiritual connection with their creator, and speaking in tongue has nothing to do with Christianity.

In fact when such behavior was displayed by the early enslaved Africans, their masters often expressed feelings of shock. They found the displayed behavior as being hedonist and alien to the Christian religion they were teaching their slaves. 

They also often shared these stories of their slaves’ behaviors with their house guests. Stating they believed that it proved that their slaves somehow lacked mental capacity. This is because these expressions of spirituality that we now perceive as Christianity are in fact totally African expressions. 

Suppression Through Oppression

This truth has been suppressed for many centuries, but it is information that every Black person needs to know! This truth is astounding and vitally important to the mental liberation of Black people.