For Black Men Thinking About Traveling To Latin America To Meet Women

If you’re a Black man that has been unlucky in love with Black women in the United States or the United Kingdom, then check out this video about finding love in Latin America. 

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Black men and women NEED to get their passports and travel the world – Finding love outside of America.

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If you’re a Black man that has sadly been unlucky in love with American or British women, and you’ve heard about traveling to Latin America to find love, then make sure you watch this video. 

This video is for Black men contemplating traveling overseas to find love. 
Please pay attention to the entire video. These are some tips, to help you avoid being played, used and having your heart broken even further. 

Many of these make relationship and dating gurus, will make you believe that you can simply fly to Latin America and find love. Is it really that simple?

Of course not.


It’s never that simple. It all revolves around money. Some of these “relationship gurus” just want your money, and they will say and do anything to get you to part with your hard earned cash.

I’m Not Listening To Angel Ramirez-Jordan

I get it. You don’t like me. You think I’m a simp.
I’m not here to change your mind, nor do I really care about what you think of me. However, I am here to help you. I have experience. A proven track record with women. I’ve never hidden my past with women, I’ve always been very open. But we learn, we grow and we change. I decided a long time ago to use my platform for good, to help women understand the games that men play. 

I can hear you shouting “simp” at the screen right now. But it’s deeper than that. I wanted to help both Black men and women. Find a way to date smarter, not be played, not become bitter, so they could end up in positive relationships. After all Black love is the Black liberation.

“We Don’t Wanna Hear That Bulls**t Shareef”

I know you’re not here for the Pro-Black talk.

So pay attention to what I say about travel and about dating in Latin America. I’m not telling you not to travel at all. I’m not telling you to not find love outside of the US or the UK.

Get your passports and travel the world, but be prepared for what you will experience. 

Pay attention and see what I’m truly saying.