How Would You Feel If Someone Treated Your Daughter The Way You Treat Women?

Close your eyes and imagine you have a daughter. Imagine she’s dating a guy just like you, that treats her the way you treat women.

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A man can’t teach his daughter if he’s a hypocrite.

If you are a man that plays around with women, but you think you’ll be able to prevent your daughter from having her heart broken by other men, then this video is for you.
So, as you go around breaking women’s hearts, be aware that karma is patiently waiting for you at the corner. It might not catch you personally but it might not miss your daughter.

If you love your daughter, you’ll treat her mother right

Even if you’re stuck in a dead-end marriage. Even if you are divorced. Or even if you were never dating in the first place and your child is the product of a one-night stand. No matter what the situation is, if you care about the mental health of your daughter, then you will treat her mother with respect. You won’t do it for the mother. You won’t do it for yourself. But you should do it for your daughter.

You can say the money you spend and the food you provide proves you care about your daughter, but if you truly love her as much as you claim you do, then you will treat her mother with respect to set an example. To show her what a healthy relationship looks like. To show her what a real man looks like.

You don’t want your daughter to think the toxic way you treat her mother is normal. However, that’s exactly what is going to happen if she grows up seeing you curse her mother out beneath your breath. That is exactly what is going to happen if she notices you coming home late from work every single night and refusing to admit where you were because it’s none of her business.


She is going to assume mothers and fathers bicker during every car ride and joke about how they are sleeping with other people and punch down doors when they are angry. She’ll believe relationships are always filled with distrust and disappointment. She is going to have a twisted version of what it means to love someone for a long time.

No matter what you tell your daughter, she will pay attention to what you ACTUALLY do.
little eyes are always watching and soaking up more than most of us as busy adults can imagine which is why you need to treat women correctly. Especially if you want your daughter to be treated well by men.


Father’s are often protective of who their daughters will date and how they will be treated. But with a world spewing all sorts of distortions of love at them, there’s no way to better represent the way she deserves to be treated than by showing her how you yourself treat women.