What Do Women Want – Part 2

Women want a man who LISTENS. I mean really listens, not just someone who hears what she says and happens to remember it. They know when we’re just repeating what we heard… They want us to acknowledge and take in what they said.

When a woman is talking to you or telling you something, she’s doing it because it’s important to her and she feels you’re equally important enough to share it with. So when she tells you something, do NOT disregard what she says “Yeah sure, whatever…. Soooo what are you doing tomorrow?”… Women HATE when men disregard what they say, to them it shows them that you don’t care about their opinions or feelings. She wants you to show interest in her and her life, even if it doesn’t affect you… It should be important to you, because it’s important to her.

A woman wants her man to know who she is, what she’s about, what she likes… Women feel almost cheated and betrayed when they find out their man doesn’t really know anything about them…. This is how a woman can drift away from her man…. Because in her mind the fact you don’t really know anything about her other than when her period is due, shows her that you really don’t care. She wants you to know her likes and dislikes. She wants you to know what to do to cheer her up when she’s down, she wants you to know when to leave her alone and when to show her attention. She wants you to pay attention. She wants you to remember the LITTLE things, because here’s the science part fellas… Remembering the LITTLE things actually has a BIG impact. Validate her feelings. If she feels a certain type of way, do NOT tell her she thinks too much…. Women hate that… If a woman has a certain thought, then there’s a reason she thinks that way… Assure her without trying to make her feel stupid.

Understand your woman, even when she doesn’t say a word…. Speak your woman’s language….. Be able to decipher her codes like when she says “I need some space” really she might mean (Show me that you’re willing to make more effort) “We need to talk” (You f*cked up) or “I’m fine” (I’m upset but rather than just admit I’m upset, I’m going to sit here obviously upset and wait for the opportunity to explode on your behind when it’s least expected and least convenient for you 🙂 ) Believe me we don’t need a Woman’s Rosetta Stone.. We just need to pay attention.

She wants to be spoken to like a Queen… Trust me on this one. It doesn’t matter how you talk to everyone else.. She just wants to be that one person that you’re different with. Talk to her like you love and respect her….. Unless otherwise required to (in the bedroom…. But find out what you can and can’t say, before you go calling her a “nasty slut” lol)

Make love to her before you f*ck her…. Trust me on this. Yes some women like it rough, some women like it gentle…. But always make love to her first before you show her your skills that you learnt from hours of pornhub lol…. Speaking of sex…. Make love to her mind too. Women are not as visual as men…. For us all you need is a round butt, some perky boobs and we’re ready to go… Women need to be stimulated emotionally and mentally. Women need to be in a certain state of mind, and be comfortable enough to let go…. You’ve heard it before… A woman will be freaky for the right man…. and the right man is a man who she’s comfortable with…. You know for some … a lot of women actually.. climaxing is mental as well as physical, if they’re not comfortable or they’re not in the right mood, she will have a mental block and no matter how many hours of tongue, twisting, tornado, twirling, trickery you do, she will NOT “arrive” lol. She NEEDS to be in the moment COMPLETELY. Yes the physical is important too.

Please her emotionally, mentally and then physically. Stop thinking y’all know everything… ALL women are different. What works with Shereece will not necessarily work with Chanel….. Pay attention, LISTEN, be attentive…. Do NOT be hard headed (Take your mind out of the gutter lol) She knows her body much better than you… She’ll let you know where, when and what to do. When she says keep going, KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!! Do NOT stop lol….. Do NOT get her 20 centimeters from the finish line and then drop out…..

Yes women want a man who’s sensitive to their needs, puts them first, is loyal, honest, committed, doesn’t cheat, or flirt with other women, makes them laugh etc etc etc….. But also they want a MAN…. If they wanted a woman…. well they’d be a lesbian lol. Women need you to just be a man sometimes. Get rid of a few spiders, open some jars, take control sometimes, be assertive, have a backbone….. Yes let her get her own way sometimes, but don’t be a push over… Have a back bone and be a man while at the same time RESPECTING her…Stand up for your woman, make sure she knows that you have her back regardless…. Obviously this is not a complete list lol.