What Do Men Want?

Fellas I got your back too.

Men want a woman that can cook… Trust me on this. Even if we can cook, we still want to know that you can too. We don’t want a slave at all, we just want to know that you can. It seems like cooking is almost becoming a lost art. Eating ramen noodles and microwaved meals is not what we want. Food needs to be made with love. If you can remind us of what Mama’s food tasted like or even grandma’s, then you’re the real MVP.

Not all men understand women, in fact most of us don’t and probably never will, even when I think I’ve got y’all figured out, you go and do something that makes me go back to my book and re-write and add a few more chapters lol. We know that you don’t always say exactly what you mean, we know that sometimes we have to read between the lines.. but you have to remember we’re not mind readers… Make it a little easier on us by remembering some of us are simple lol. Just be open with us sometimes… Communication is actually so important… Help us to understand you, teach us how to love YOU. Don’t just expect us to know..I know sometimes it seems obvious, but sometimes it’s like looking for something in a cupboard, just because you can see it and you know it’s there doesn’t mean we can see it. Guide us. Closed mouths don’t get fed.

The nagging…. I’m not trying to lose female followers here lol… But the nagging can really stress us out. Give us a break sometimes… But nagging comes with communication. If you’re just upfront with us, tell us exactly how you feel, paint it out for us in black and white and S.P.E.L.L it out for us… Yes spell it out.. Then it’s a win win situation.. You don’t have to nag, we don’t get stressed and you get what you want. You ever heard your man say to you “Yo, just chill”. Clearly the way you’re putting your point across isn’t working and is coming across as nagging.

We know you can’t look like a super model on a shoot every single second of the day, but every now and again, we want you to remind us of why we find you so attractive… Remind us that other guys want you… Remind us of how lucky we are to have you… Every now and again make us go “Daaaaaaammmmnnnnnn.. There goes my baby”…. The same way we have to maintain our consistency and do the things we did to get you, we want you to do the same thing. Effort… It’s gotta be equal. Don’t think “I got a man and I don’t need to make an effort anymore”… No double standards out here.

Okay I’m going there… Hygiene is SOOOO important.. We don’t care if you wash with water, femfresh, summers eve or strawberries… Just don’t let it smell… Trust me ladies it WILL be to your benefit. Most men can’t tell you if it smells.. So help us out.

Uhm…. Here’s the complicated science part: Men LOVE sex. Men are wired differently to women. When we’ve had a hard day, or something stressful has happened or our goldfish died… We would really appreciate being surprised and pleased.. Sex makes it all better lol. Sometimes, after a hard day, we don’t want to discuss life, or think about responsibilities. We just want you to strip butt naked and get NASTY lol…. We’re all adults here. Sometimes we want to make love and sometimes we want to feel like we’re the star of our own porno. Ladies every now and again take charge, be a boss, be a diva. Grab it and do what you want with it… We actually want you to initiate a lot more.
Reassure us!!!!

Look we’re quite insecure. We always think someone bigger, better, stronger, better looking is going to come along and take you from us, even if we don’t admit it. Just let us know it’s okay.. Reassure us. If we’re doing everything right, then let us know. “Male friends” *cough* deep down we hate those. But if you make it so clear that we are the love of your life and no one can take our place, it’ll make us feel a little better about it. Remember to us it seems simple… It’s not that we don’t trust YOU… It’s just that we know and see how beautiful you are and we KNOW how other men are. It’s the guys we don’t trust. Have as many gay friends as you want lol. Stroke our ego sometimes we like compliments too. Hey there’s nothing wrong with getting your centimeters and inches confused sometimes lol

We want a woman who can just be herself. We can tell when your faking or trying to be a certain way because you think thats what we want. Oh and stop faking.. How will we ever learn if you fake it lol.
You can make a man happy by doing all this, but it won’t make him love you, respect you, stay with you or stop cheating… You still have to earn his respect and he has to earn yours. We like women that have standards and set them in place.

Lastly help us to see our potential… Sometimes we need help even if we won’t admit it. Be there for us, support us, let us know that you’ll truly ride for us. Equal balance though.