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Do you realize how hard your skin works?​

Think about it. Your skin is always on guard working day and night to protect you from the elements, accidents and even your neglect. Your skin is the your largest organ and most visible feature. Let’s protect it. #SkinDefense​

I watch other children and even adults leave their homes forgetting to lotion their hands or lubricate their lips. Your skin is the medium through which your body communicates it’s needs.
What message does unkept skin send?
Why not treat your body to some soothing lotion and your lips to some hydrating lip moisturizer? #SelfCare

Parker Schools You, is offering you an all natural lip balm line that comes in many scents including our new coconut oil based that is perfect for the warmer months.
Our lotions are beautifully scented and sized for easy travel.

We will soon be offering all natural lotion line. #NaturalPotions

Reward your skin with Parker Schools You lip balms and our scented lotion. Our beautifully scented products are made to soothe, rejuvenate and restore.

Your skin is a part of your legacy.

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