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I'm a translator, songwriter, author and graphic artist. I have been a language teacher for a while but I have chosen to focus on translation and artistic work.

Are you a writer, a musician, a business, organization, or an artist?

You may not know it yet but I most probably can help!

I can translate from English into French and from French into English a variety of content ranging from fiction work to letters and technical documents.

Translating is not just a matter of knowing words in several languages. The best translator for you is the one that combines an expertise in languages with a deep understanding of the culture you are a part of. Without that understanding, an important part of your message may go out the window. Indeed, some concepts may exist in a given language while their existence is only known and understood by certain groups speaking that language. On subjects like hairstyles, cuisine, history, having a culturally relevant translator will make the difference;

As a Caribbean-born French person, I have been growing up with two mother tongues instead of one and I have also been exposed to foreign languages very early in life. I write song lyrics in English, Martinican and French (in that order by preference since I have the same level of mastery over these three languages)... This is why writing adaptations of songs in one of the above listed languages is a thing I have no problem doing… I can be consulted on matters tied to African-Caribbean/French cultures. I can also be consulted on the use of languages erroneously classified as “French-based creoles”;
As I am also a graphic artist, I can offer you extra services like the integration of the translated text into images (like your book cover image or illustrations if your book has pictures containing text inside...).
Please ask about this when contacting me.

Email me now to know what are the solutions we can find together.

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