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The last thing on Shantel’s mind, on her first night out after a holiday in Dominica, is a relationship.
Little did she know that accepting a drink from Andre, a tall, handsome and articulate man, would soon change that.
With Andre’s effortless charm, relentless pursuing and a rapidly growing connection between them, Shantel shares more emotionally than she has ever done before.
At first, he is the perfect boyfriend - attentive, assertive and ambitious.
However, after a series of red flags and twists of events, what seemed like a match made in heaven turns into an intense love affair and Shantel finds herself caught in a web of unexpected drama and deceit.
A drastic change of circumstances leaves her dependent on Andre as she wrestles with her conscience and the reality of what she truly deserves.

Blossom Tree is a compelling story about a fun-loving and independent woman who, for the sake of what she thought was love, loses her vision, her identity and sense of
self in a relationship she thought was perfect love.

This emotional thriller will have you swirling in the throes of passion and new love, then in the abyss of a love gone devastatingly wrong. The London based author’s story highlights the complexity of matters of the heart but reminds you that if you hold on to your essence and remain connected to a higher being, you can navigate your way out of the maze to higher ground.

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