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This is not your average creative writing class (fiction). For the Unpublished and Writing Blocked. 2 Heads are better than 1! Join a tribe of writers every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for 3 hours to meet your co-author and brainstorm for a book.

You'll be able to publish quicker than writing on your own. This is designed to be a fast-track to the spoils of your imagination. Not to take away from any of your current projects, if you want any feedback and critiques on your solo ventures, I'll personally dedicate time to listen and help you along in your journey as an Editor.

Come to enjoy writing in a social environment, we'll break the mold of the industry. All you need to bring are your pens, laptops and imagination.

Enrolling Now! Reserve Your Seat on the Daes Eage Column

(Promo Rates extended through end of August): $180.00/Month that's $45 weekly and you can attend any of the times if space allows.

Coaching Fees are investments. Once your book is ready for publication, request a portioned refund to go toward your book covers, print and marketing.

Dog Daes will have a list of resources waiting for you at the end. First, we focus on writing!

Class Times:

Wednesday | Thursday | Saturday

10A - 1P 10A - 1P 11A - 2P

4P - 7 4P - 7 4P - 7

All ideas are welcome and respected!

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