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Black Divinity: Manifesto of the Black Theocracy Third Edition

In Black Divinity: Manifesto of The Black Theocracy Third Edition, published by Toplink Publishing, author, activist, scholar, critic and former gang member Tony Saunders aka Shahidi Islam gives an eye-opening, thorough account of the historical development of the black community’s efforts to reach self-actualization.

Within Black Divinity Saunders exposes the intricate beauty and complexity of the New York City street culture to allow those outside to see that those in the United States street life actually do have a very respectable, while yet Afro-centric, doctrinal system.

Manifesting the Divine: Going Beyond the 120 Lessons

For the Black scholar who is fighting racism Manifesting the Divine: Going Beyond the 120 Lessons, published by Toplink Publishing, is an in-depth anthropology of the New York City street life that shows how the various institutions and structures of the street life can be used to challenge white supremacy.

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