Global African Diaspora Development Network

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The Global African Diaspora Development Network (GADDN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Norman, Oklahoma with chapters in both the UK and Africa. Our vision is to unite Africans and African descendants worldwide to effectively utilize their expertise, influence, and resources towards creating a strong and respected community wherever they are in the Diaspora, and to participate in building a thriving African economy.

When we apply ourselves, we as Africans are smart, brilliant and intelligent. Through the effective utilization of our resources and influence, we can be the driving force needed to transform and empower Africa for the 21st Century. We must think deep into the future and beyond our present generation. The question we need to ask ourselves is this: Are we using the opportunities we have now to create a better future for generations to come? We have been in stupor and regarded as inept as a race for centuries, and without uniting to empower ourselves and each other this mind set will only continue. Together, we can change this notion and create a better future for Africans, both on the continent and in the Diaspora.

If you would like to become a member of our organization, please visit our website,, for free registration. We are also seeking to create new chapters around the world, so if you would like to see a GADDN branch in your community, please contact us!

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