County Bounties

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Damario "Goggles" Morris, is a troublemaker recently expelled from all Baltimore city schools.
His mother Rene (with no options left) enrolls him in Deer Park Middle school in Baltimore County for the seventh grade. With this being his last opportunity to get an education and avoid a future of certain failure, Rene made it perfectly clear, "Stay out of trouble...Or DIE!" Unfortunately for Mario, he was now going to be in class with his neighborhood cohorts, Ronald the smart ass, Billy the snake, Andre the cool kid and James the so-called "Pretty Boy" of the crew. While attending school, they take turns competing over Kandi the neighborhood beauty queen. She seems to have her sights set on Maestro, the "Family Friend" who was five years older than her. His constant cock-blocking and overall rage he displayed when another male was within ten feet of Kandi, had the entire neighborhood asking, "What was REALLY going on with the two?" Buddy, another neighborhood pretty boy was a light-skinned liar with the heart of a prison bitch. His best friend Davis, was more than willing to make up for any deficiencies his best friend may have had. Davis lived and breathed everything Buddy. He'd do anything...And I mean ANYTHING, to make his best friend happy. The combination of Buddy's lies, Dave's obsession with his best friend...And his hardcore shit breath, get into hilarious situations that always seem to end with the two best friends in compromising situations. Shay is Mario's older sister and the more popular of the two. She is thrilled to be a 9th grader at Randallstown High with her friend Kelly "Piggy" Franklin, Billy's older sister and future Gastric Bypass surgery recipient. Shay watches as Kelly's 5ft3 375lb frame, struts around the school in the skimpiest of outfits and cheapest of weaves like a certified dime piece, only to be roasted by Twinkie, the neighborhood giant and king of schoolyard snapping, Davis, Mark...And anyone else with eyes.

Read along as Mario and the worst children since South Park, try to maneuver through the school year while avoiding trouble, beatings, peer pressure, mental hospital patients, shit-talking grandmothers and maybe more important than anything... Over-anxious gym teachers. Laugh along to this raunchy dark comedy and see how the baddest kids in Baltimore County reek havoc at every turn. They'll make you laugh and cry at the same time while saying to yourself, "I'm glad MY KIDS don't hang around those County Bounties!

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