When I Grow Up...I'll Be Black.

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Has racism got you down? Are you confused about how to express your angst when it comes to other races - or maybe your own race? Well... never fear, the ultimate translator, Crackhead Carl is here! The pied piper (or fried piper to hear him say it) will lead us through these tough times and break it down like no other.
Yes, MAM Content presents:

When I Grow Up... I'll Be Black.

THE FIRST AFRO AMERICAN ADULT CHILDREN'S BOOK (NOT FOR CHILDREN) reflects the disunity between races that has boiled over with bloody and troubling consequences during our “modern times.”

A whimsical, colorful, and painfully honest piece of fiction that America desperately needs right now. When I Grow Up...I'll Be Black was written for African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians, Asians, Gay, Straight, Urban, Rural, the young, and the old but especially for those who need a good laugh about the whole damn thing and for those who know there is a problem that reverberates throughout our society and an app or faux-movement will not fix it.

This book explores Racism in America - Who is Racist - Why we are racist - What people are really thinking - and makes you ask yourself... Have You Been Racist Today?

Please support Black art. Available on Amazon for digital download.

Mary A. McElya

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