Why Are Black Women Disrespected So Much?

11894599_10204991440577944_5012779761846827682_oI decided to search myself on youtube by typing “Angel_IKYG” and then “Angel Ramirez-Jordan”, after I had seen my own results, I decided to type “Black Women” into the youtube search bar and see the results that came up. Over 6,000,000 results, but it took me to get to the 38th page to see a positive video about black women or in their defense from a person of color… Surprise, surprise it was my video “Stop Disrespecting Black Women”. Even on the page that I featured on, I am at the bottom of a list of videos with titles like “I hate black women”, “Black women hate good black men” and “5 reasons why black women are not attractive” all videos made by black men….. So I said to myself…. “Wow why do so many people hate black women”… I decided to then type “White Women” into youtube and see what results came up. Over 11 million results for the phrase “White women” with the very first 2 videos titled “White women are the best” and “I’m only attracted to white women”, again both videos made by black men.
Why is there is so much hatred towards black women from black men? I made a video last year called “Black women don’t want black men”…. But with search results like the above it’s very understandable why black women would have had enough of black men, or SHOULD I say, being disrespected by black men. How disheartening must it be for black women to constantly be told how unattractive they are, how angry, ghetto and how much of a problem they are to the black community? How painful must it be to see the men who are supposed to protect you and love you the most, disrespect, hate you and uplift other races of women on a constant basis.
When I defend black women I’m called a “SIMP” and trolled. I receive the argument that I’m trying to portray black women as perfect when “the majority are the problem”…. But I believe it’s the other way round, there is a small minority of black women that may act a certain type of way that is deemed less than respectful to themselves… But black women are NOT the only women who do this. Let’s look at the double standards… White women show their flesh on instagram and its called self love and liberation, black women do it and it’s called ratchet, thirsty and seeking attention…. Now here’s the thing… White men talk badly about white women too… BUT when a white man disrespects a white woman he’s not disrespecting or talking badly about her because she is a white woman…. But simply because she is a WOMAN. A chauvinistic white man hates women for their sex and never their race.
I’ve constantly come across memes on the internet disrespecting Black women…. But the question is who creates these memes? But when the majority of these memes and videos seem to be being reposted by black men. In my own experience from making videos on youtube, there is an ever increasing following of black men who share and agree with these videos and statements. Black women now seem to be the new scape goat. “All of our problems are the black woman’s fault”. Back in the day when life was hard for black men they would POSSIBLY pull the race card and blame the white man or white supremacy, but now it has become even more popular and common to blame the Black woman. It seems it has gotten so much easier to just blame black women for our issues. We sit and complain about others not respecting us or how other races would never stand behind us during injustices, but yet now we attack black women as our first port of call…. But the thing is the Black woman is NOT our enemy. Our issues, problems and hardships are NOT the fault of the Black woman. Black women are our sisters, daughters, women and mothers… and just like mothers they love us more than anything…. But we’re making it more and more difficult for them to love us and feel justified in their love.