The Skin Bleaching Story – From Black To White

The truth about skin bleaching & skin whitening

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In this video you will learn about the true history of skin bleaching, dangers of skin lighting creams and the health implications of skin toning. You will also learn the reasons why skin bleaching was forced upon Black people.

Skin whitening, also known as skin lightening and skin bleaching, refers to the practice of using chemicals to lighten the skin.

With so many dangers and risks you may ask why skin whitening is legal. So many salons offer skin lightening services and cater to this dangerous act which carries so many health risks.

Skin bleaching is a booming business, so it’s no wonder so many of these companies seek to profit off of the insecurities of vulnerable people. 

There are people that will claim they lighten their skin to obtain an even tone. But what if their actions have a much more deeper reason?

In this video I will break down the true reasons for skin bleaching and the dark history that they don’t want you to know.  In addition to correcting many of the misconceptions about skin bleaching.

Watch this video and leave your thoughts in the comments below