The “N Word” – Can White & Asian People Say it? What About Hispanics?

Who can and can’t say the “N word”? Is there ever an “n word” pass for non Black people? Can people of color say the n word?

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There are some people that believe people of color can say the n word, because they’re not white.

When I say “people of color” or “POC” I’m referring to non Black people that also happen to be non white.

This word, the “N word” seems to always slap bang in the middle of race relations in regards to a multitude of issues. I think by now most of us should know the history of this very derogatory word. It’s very clear the impact of this word towards African people and people of African descent. 


But what is the attraction to non Black people with saying this word?
There has been many excuses made for saying this word from non Black people:
“I’m not white, I’m a person of color, so it’s okay”.
“I’m not saying it in a racist way”.
“It means friend”.
“But Black people say it so why can’t I?”

“But Black people say it so why can’t I?” 

I think one of the most common arguments I’ve heard from a multitude of races is “But Black people say it so why can’t I?”
Now, if you feel the way I do, then we’re in agreement that no one should say this word. I am not a believer of reclaiming the N word. I do not believe for one second that you can reclaiming a word and take the sting out of it by using it in your everyday vocabulary.

Historically during slavery even when Black people started to use the N word, they themselves were using it in a derogatory manner. It was used to describe someone lazy, disloyal, untrustworthy, dirty. It was always in a negative manner.

So when did the N word start to mean “Friend”?

In my opinion, I do not believe that it ever was used as a friendly term. When you think of the ways it’s used in music, it’s normally always in a negative way. In reference to violence.

Long Story Short

It’s 2021. No one should be saying the N-word.
One minute it’s a weapon, the next it’s a term of endearment. Some people get a pass, other people don’t. 

A slur shouldn’t have rules and regulations. A slur is a slur and will always be a slur, no matter how you try to dress it up.

However, I know I’m not the only Black person noticing non-Black people saying it more than Black people. Especially in the age of political correctness and freedom of speech, there are more and more non Black people fighting for the “right” to say this evil word.

I read an article a few months back with a white person stating “It is my right as a human being to be able to say any word I choose. I pay my taxes and I will say whatever I want when I want how I want, as many times as I want”. Yep, you read right. It’s strange how you can’t “mis-gender” someone or call a person that was born biologically male that now identifies as female a man. But you can however say the N-word as much as you like without repercussions. 

So Can Asian People & Hispanic People Say The N Word? 

A big pet peeve of mine is the incorrect assumption that hispanic or latino are races. They are not. There are Black hispanics, white hispanics, asian hispanics, you name a race there’s a hispanic or latino of that race. This video will explain what race hispanics are.

There’s an assertion that because you aren’t white, your experiences are similar to those of a Black person’s, which is far from the truth. Especially when the majority of asians are inherently racist towards Black people. Or in latino communities racism towards Black latinos is rife.
If you know the history of the n-word, why would you say it? What do you get out of it? Everybody wants to be Black until it’s time to be Black. Everybody wants to use the N word, but no one wants to be treated like a nigger! Whether you add an “er” on the end or an “a” on the end, really makes no difference. The word still means the same thing.

It’s just For Black People

The need to say the N-word by non Black people is one of authority and control. They hate the idea of being policed and not having rights over Black people. It drives them crazy to not be allowed to do something. So when you tell them that something is just for Black people, of course they will react in a child like manner. 

How many times have white women interjected themselves in conversations that are strictly for Black women in regards to positivity or upliftment? “But all women are beautiful”.
White people can never allow Black people to have anything to themselves. So do you really think for one moment that white people would allow Black people to be the only people allowed to use the N word? A word that white people introduced to Black people in a derogatory term? Of course not. This is not our word, this is white people’s word. This is their word that they used to describe us. I am a great believer that if we want white people to stop using the word, then we ourselves must also stop using this word. 

“I can call myself a b*tch, but you can’t call me a b*tch”. It makes no sense right?
If a word is offensive, then it’s offensive period, regardless of who says it. I myself have no desire to reclaim a word that has such a long history of oppressing my ancestors. 


Sadly the culture today with the new generation of kids growing up is simply an urban culture. It is not a Black culture or a white or asian culture. It has mutated and merged into one. This may sound good to some, but it’s really not. Of Course this new hybrid culture is predominately Black in roots as most things. But the the problem is these kids do not care about history. They don’t care about the history of words or the oppression of our ancestors. They have forgotten the significance and meaning behind everything. Well, I say they’ve forgotten, but they were never taught.

Society wants to make our children stupid. At this rate it will be the next generation that will think slavery was a job and the transatlantic slave trade was a migration to a better new world.

As a teacher in a racial diverse high school school I can tell you, that these children do not care about the use of the N word. I see white and asian kids in my classes with cornrows, freely calling each other the n-word and the Black children smile and laugh with them like it’s normal. 

I grew up in a day and age (I’m a 1986 baby) where if a non Black person said the N word, we kicked their ass, many times over. 

But now….. that’s not the case.

Look at music, Tv and social media. The N word is now fair game. 

The only way to stop this is by making sure we educate all children about the history of the N word. We as Black people must also stop using this word and honor our ancestors.