STOP Bashing Black Men

Boycott Black men Hate Videos – Stop watching videos that promote hatred towards Black men – Blackistan!

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There are many videos online attacking and bashing Black women.
But there are also a lot of videos online attacking and bashing Black men. There are so many videos and channels now telling Black women to leave Black men and to abandon “Blackistan”…. These women claim to be divested.


These women refer to themselves as “Divested” Black women., but their main focus is not about being happy, but instead, simply attacking Black men and wishing for their death. Yes you read right! In this video I will show you exactly how they feel. The definition of the word “divest” means to rid yourself of something. they use this word to mean they have left the community. But strangely enough for a group of people to claim that they want nothing to do with another group, they spend an awful lot of time talking about them. Nope, it doesn’t make sense to me either. 

These women are trying to brainwash Black women into hating Black men. I know many people will say that, there are so many videos of Black men attacking Black women, and to that I ask them to watch this video demanding that black men stop attacking Black women. Many of us are attempting to change the narrative that the media wants to portray of Black love. 


These Black women who are self confessed swirlers, that love and deify white and asian men. Actually they will worship any man that is not Black. They paint an image of Black love as being negative and evil. These women refer to the Black community as Blackistan. They call Black love struggle love. Their main aim is to recruit as many Black women as possible into leaving and hating Black men.  Sounds like a cult right?

“Choose better”

They believe that choosing better means getting a non Black man. These women call other Black women that believe in and support  Black love “Mammies”. I have a video that actually breaks down the real definition of a mammy. The reality is these women are the real mammies. 
They claim that their focus is “character over color”, but that’s a farce. Especially when even if a Black man’s character is the best option, they still would not choose him, simply because he’s Black. That sounds like color over character to me. 

I understand everyone needs an outlet to express their pain, however this is not the way forward. I do not believe in double standards or hypocrisy.
We must not fall victim to the traps that are being put in place to divide us. Sadly many of us are pawns in this system and can’t see it.  

“So what can we do?”

Silence and suppress them. Ignore them. Do NOT share their videos, do not make reaction videos. Give them no promotion whatsoever. Our job is to promote positivity and love towards each other. There needs to be more positive videos. We must take a more proactive stance rather than a reactionary position. 

If you see a negative video that essentially would feed into the narrative that Black women hate Black men, then counteract it with a video expressing your love for Black men and debunk this false narrative. It will take a lot of work, as negativity always speaks louder than positivity. 
In the words of Mark Twain, “A lie will be half way round the world, before the truth has even got its shoes on”.

Boycott Black Men Hate Videos

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