I Met God, She’s Black

“I met god, she’s Black” – What if God was actually a Black woman? Exploring the power of the eve gene & mitochondrial DNA.

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Ever wondered where the phrase “I met God ,she’s Black” came from? 

Many people are unaware of and afraid of the truth, especially when it comes to challenging their beliefs when it comes to religion or spirituality. So I created this video to break down the concept of God being a Black woman in addition to explaining mitochondrial DNA and the eve gene. However, some people will not be able to accept this video, no matter how much evidence is presented to them. Make sure you watch this video until the end with an open mind before you come to your conclusion. I hope you enjoy this video and most importantly learn something new. Watch the video first and after that comment your thoughts below.

“Angel Ramirez-Jordan Believes That Black Women Are Gods”

Have you ever heard that or read that online? Is it such a bad thing for me to believe that God is a Black woman? Should Angel Ramirez-Jordan be sent to the gallows to be beheaded for believing this?

I don’t know about you, but I hate being misquoted. It’s one of my many pet peeves. 

So many times I have had people claim that I have said something that I did not say. Or they will take a small piece of what I say & use it to fit their narrative. 

One particular issue that seems to upset quite a few people, mainly a particular group of Black men, is the statement that “Angel Ramirez-Jordan thinks the Black woman is God”….. Why does it bother you what my spiritual or religious beliefs are? What is this? The crusades? Am I about to be lynched for my religious beliefs you bigots? Wow. 

I want to get something clear. NEVER in my life have I said that “Black women are Gods” or even “The Black woman is God”… wait, I can hear people in the background screaming “Liar!!!! You wear a sweater that says the black woman is God”……. 

“Angel Ramirez-Jordan Believes That Black women Are Gods”
No… I really don’t. lol

I have sweaters that say “I Met God, She’s Black” & “God Is A Black Woman”

Some People Don’t Seem To Know The Difference Between Plural & Singular.
“God Is A Black Woman”

I don’t believe that women are God or Gods, I just happen to believe that the entity that is God is a female energy. I also believe, that female energy or divine feminine is Black. So therefor I believe that God is a Black woman. Notice, I didn’t say women. I didn’t say all Black women are Gods. Neither did I say the Black woman is God. I said God is a Black woman. One. Just one singular energy or entity is a Black woman. So if you’re going to quote me, then please quote me correctly. “God is a Black woman” – Angel Ramirez-Jordan.
Not “Black women are God”.. And yes, there is a difference.

The word “women” means more than one woman. Many women, multiple women. Plural.

The word “woman” means one female. Singular. 

So I really wish people would stop misquoting me. 

But here is a video that if you listen very carefully, you’ll notice I never say “Black womEn (notice the E) are God or Gods”. 
Also here is a video about my religious views.