The Real Reason Why Derrick Jaxn Cheated & Lied

Here you will see why Derrick Jaxn lied & cheated on his wife. This will shock you, but it’s the truth.

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You may have recently heard about Derrick Jaxn the renowned relationship coach being exposed as a cheater. But some of you may be wondering if that makes him a hypocrite.
Can you still take his relationship and dating advice?

Derrick Jaxn is known for his views on relationships that he shares on YouTube, his books and social media. His perspective is one that is quite respected, but that might be changing soon. Jaxn, who has been married for four years, is now being exposed by a woman who claimed to have an affair with him.  A woman named Candice De Medeiros.

A popular social media relationship “expert” and author, who happens to be married, has been exposed as an adulterer by a woman he is said to have known for ten years. This woman is now 26 years old.
She dished all the dirt on the alleged affair.

Candice De Medeiros exposed her affair with Derrick Jaxn during an interview with a YouTuber Tasha K. De Medeiros claimed Derrick Jaxn told her he was separated from his wife of four years. De Medeiros said she has known Derrick Jaxn since 2009 after getting acquainted over Twitter

Last Year

Last July, Derrick Jaxn planned a Miami getaway with Candice De Medeiros where he lavished the young woman with fine dining and money.

After that trip, Jaxn brought the woman to Atlanta to stay in the home he shares with his wife and kids. Candice De Medeiros said in the interview that she saw what appeared to be moving boxes and so she assumed that his story was true. His family was in Colorado visiting his in-laws.

The mistress provided receipts of her meetups with the philanderer, including a cozy shot taken from the bed he shared with his wife in their Atlanta home. 
The candid interview and Jaxn’s brazen, hypocritical behavior took social media by storm.
Derrick Jaxn Ghosting

Once he told her they could only communicate on Snapchat, she became suspicious and began to ask more questions about the status of his marriage. She said he then told her he didn’t plan on being with his wife and they had already tried to reconcile and it was unsuccessful. De Medeiros said that Jaxn told her: “I’ve done stuff in the past. She hurt me. I hurt her. I cheated on her and even till this day she doesn’t know.”

She said after that conversation, she found that she was blocked on all social media a few days later. Tasha K also claimed that a woman came to her two years ago and forced her to get an abortion, so these cheating allegations aren’t new to her.

During the conversation with Tasha K, De Medeiros went on to described what his home looks like, being intimate with him and more. 

However, now two further women have also come forward with evidence of sleeping with Derrick Jaxn. As well as other women being very uncomfortable after Derrick “slid” in their DMs.